Can you critique the King’s book??


I am King Abdullah’s Book “Our last best chance”. I am barely 1/5 of it at the moment, but as most people, when reading a book, i keep thinking of weak and strong points the book try to make. I thought about writing a review about these points here, but then I started to think, AM I ALLOWED to critique the king’s writing? would that blacklist me? Would i go to jail for that? is critiquing the king’s writing considered an insult to the ruling family which i think is a felony?

Anyway, i ended up deciding not to write the critique because i don’t want to find out the answers to these question the hard way.

But that by itself is very sad. We live in such a fear that we can’t speak our mind, even though we are not trying to oppose or insult anyone. I usually consider myself as someone who pushes such limits and yet for this limit i felt it is too dangerous to cross.

Am I wrong to be afraid to write a book critique in a public place? or our country would actually prosecute someone who does that? If it does, should it change? would it change?