Help Me Remember You

I know this idea has been elaborately discussed, at first with great enthusiasm, and gradually with just a hint of dreaminess, but I want to give it one (first) try.

We’ve always talked about documenting those finer and more wunderbar moments in our life in some written form. I’m thinking of starting this here on JordanMafia. I will try to write about one of these moments on weekly basis. If you want to contribute then be my guest. If anyone doesn’t want to be the target of my mocking and ridicule then please inform me in advance. I’m most sure that in our life together,¬†everyone¬†of us was the target of the horde’s joyride.

Even more, I was hoping to use illustrations (pics mainly) of the more recent events. I remember Jordanmafia used to have a photo gallery. Is it still around? I will be checking.