How stupid you have to be to boycott the election?

Sorry for the nonobjective title,

But really, every election, the Islamic Action Front(IAF) and other opposition parties boycott the election and every time the only thing that happens is they lose more seats and no practical gains at all!!! What is the point of boycotting? Is it a way to get an excuse for losing? Are they afraid if they actually run then they will lose anyway??

I remember similar thing happened in Iraq several years ago when the Sunni parties boycotted the election because they said it is not legitimate while the Shia parties didn’t boycott and guess what happened? the Shia won the majority of the seats and nobody cared that the Sunni boycotted. Same thing happens EVERY SINGLE election in Jordan. The funny thing, in Iraq the next election, the Sunni actually joined the election and they got a good share of the seats.I really hope those “opposition” parties learn from such events and stop being such an emo

On another note, everyone should vote EVEN if they thing it won’t make a difference because they think it is rigged. If you never vote, we can never know if it is really rigged or not AND we will never have good people in power. I hate it when i see the ratio of complaining to action stupidly high.

Did you vote?? why yes or why not? and do you think boycotting is helpful in any practical way?