Snow …. in Amman

I know that some of you already knows about this incident but i’m going to put it hear as a decimation and sharing.

last week, Sunday, while Jordan was waiting for snow, wind speed was like 100 Km/h.

I was planning to go to gym as usual, i can’t miss a class for Denisa, but Amr toke the Polo to university cause Tico will be Airborne, so I found my self  have to risk my life to fly to GYM in Tico or no Denisa this week, mom was worried about me so i didn’t go.first weather disappointment.

I went home to find out we lost out internet connection and TV wan’t stable. I reserved a message from Injaz reminding me to go to school tomorrow for my section. forecast  expected snow in some arias and it was like waiting for and extra day off. at 1:30 am it began snowing, and due to losing internet again + no satellite, i had a company until 4 am before I could sleep, second weather disappointment

next day i wake up 7:15 , i looked from the window to find out that no snow on streets , just light layer in cars, and sure it was cold. i was a little bit disappointed but at least i will finish another section and end my course sooner.

I arrived school 7:50 am it was strange cause everybody would be inside by now, i waited to 5 min and then went in. i saw on of my students in the yard and she was yelling at me ” teacher go away , escape, nobody came today”. my first reaction was similar to what we used to do when some guy sits on the window and yell at every student enter the main gait to go home cause no body is hear. after a second i said: wait a minute  i’m some kind a teacher now and i’m the one who suppose bring them inside. i went inside to find out that coordinating teacher is not there , the principle in not there, a teacher is talking to a parent that no one is hear yet, and some janitor is waving to student to escape while opening the door, 3rd weather disappointment.

it was a partial shock to me, i was so mad , i went home, put my bagama back  & went to sleep.

i know some of you guys could had a worst day but i liked the part when student told me to “Shalif” , back to old days.