Can you critique the King’s book??


I am King Abdullah’s Book “Our last best chance”. I am barely 1/5 of it at the moment, but as most people, when reading a book, i keep thinking of weak and strong points the book try to make. I thought about writing a review about these points here, but then I started to think, AM I ALLOWED to critique the king’s writing? would that blacklist me? Would i go to jail for that? is critiquing the king’s writing considered an insult to the ruling family which i think is a felony?

Anyway, i ended up deciding not to write the critique because i don’t want to find out the answers to these question the hard way.

But that by itself is very sad. We live in such a fear that we can’t speak our mind, even though we are not trying to oppose or insult anyone. I usually consider myself as someone who pushes such limits and yet for this limit i felt it is too dangerous to cross.

Am I wrong to be afraid to write a book critique in a public place? or our country would actually prosecute someone who does that? If it does, should it change? would it change?

First Class

Monday, 4th.October.2010, 7 o’clock in the morning, I had to wake up at that time for the first time since a while, I washed up my face, put on my formal clothes, get my bag ready, a lot of  books, pins and paper.

Excitement and tension, when i looked at my self in the mirror i saw that little kid used to go to school 18 years ago, a lot of flash backs kept pop up that day,I headed to school and arrived at  7:45, entered the main entrance with students while the playing of the national anthem, a teacher saw me and came to me and asked to follow her, she took me to my class, told me to wait for student, they will come soon.

I still can hear the morning program, “hal t3lam” ,”7kmat al yom”, thing are not that different. student started to come and get seated, surprise look on there face for a male teacher who is waiting them in “mehani” Room. i waited until all student came, i kept asking if anyone still out there, and they kept answering yes, in the end I found my self facing 54 7th grade female student.

Thats a lot of student , i don’t have enough materials, i’m not prepared to that number of students. suddenly the teacher came in, she asked a group of students to go to computer room, others to go to yard and other places. in the end there was almost 30-35 students, she gave me the class, and threated the students for discipline.

I took a deep breath and started the lesson, explaining why i’m hear, what is INJAZ , what are we going to talk about all that kind of stuff. after a couple of  jokes, some conversation and chitchat, i had to explains some point and a quick game in the end of the class.

45 min passed quickly for me, almost enough to give them idea , but not to do every point in the hand out. I wondered how do they take math and science class with all that students in class, if 10 students have questions or need some help you will need 20 min just for them, my experience is limited in education but i can tell that 54 student class really too much, i wish people will start donate for building school more than building mosques.

My next section will be about Puberty and changes in there lives, a guy should explain that to 12 year old girls , I don’t have any idea how am i going to do it but i hope i won’t go to jail 😛