Who is Salvador Limones

This post is a dedication to the awesome Salvador Limones which I chose my nickname after (Slvador Limonis)
Salvador Limones

Salvador Limones

Salvador is a character in a 1998 computer video game titled “Grim Fandango” (I can’t believe it has been 14 years since that glorious game was released). Following I will explain Salvador Limones story which will contain spoilers from the game

Salvador is the founder and leader of an underground organization called “Lost Souls Alliance (LSA)”. The alliance goal is investigating and flushing out the corruption in the Department of Death (DoD). Salvador believes that people in the DoD are stealing the Golden Tickets of good souls. This causing the good souls to embark on the dangerous and scary journey through the land of dead for 4 years even though, their hard earned (by living a pious life) and stolen golden tickets qualifies them to go through the whole journey on the luxurious Number Nine Train which takes a comfortable 4 minutes in stead 4 years to reach heaven.

During the game you control a character called “manny Calavera” who works as a salesman in the DoD. After some commotion with your boss you agree to help Salvador and the LSA in their cause in exchange to Salvador’s help in leaving the city “El Marrow”. While Manny away, Salvador would send sporadically simple letters with updates about the LSA and the city. After 3 years away from the city the character you control ” Manny Calavera” comes back to El Marrow just to find out it has been fully controlled by the evil mastermind “Hector LeMans”. The LSA has grown significantly as well and they help Manny to hide from Hector’s security. In the fight against Hector’s gang and through the betrayal of the double agent “Olivia”, Salvador loses his body and only his head stays alive (the whole game setting is after life, so people can live with half bodies). As his last bravery feat, Salvador bites on a small poisonous capsule attached to his teeth to sacrifice himself and kill the traitor Olivia. Shortly after this incident, Manny discovers that Salvador lived a very good and pious previous life qualifying him for a Golden Ticket on the Number Nine Train but it was stolen from him and the ticket was only found after his death.

I loved the Salvador Limones character because he was a shining example of a person with great charisma and convictions as well being a great leader and a loyal friend. His famous line, which he usually ends every conversation with, is “Viva La Revolucion!”. I recall the moment where it was shown that Salvador deserved a golden ticket is the moment my fall for him was complete thus using his misspelled name for the next 14 years (and probably in the future as well) everywhere including my username, forum nicknames and several high school exams and homeworks.

I do realize people’s dismissal view about taking a fictional video game character as a role model, however I do believe the characteristics which existed in Salvador Limones is worth pursuing and imitating.
The misspelling of the name started by mistake due to my inability to remember spellings well, but the misspelling has been adopted as the offical nickname after it became obvious that due to the misspelling I was able to use the nickname “Slvador” to register on almost every single site I needed to register on since the original spelling of the world is widely used making it widely unavailable and the misspelled version is almost always available. I still do face troubles dictating the nickname to others since it is hard to pronounce a misspelled word clearly to others

Viva la Revolucion!