Coming back to facebook


After four years from deactivation facebook (oct-2007), last week i decided to come back to facebook for multiple reasons. But what surprised me is how bad the interface of facebook is. While i am still learning how to navigate facebook, it is very disappointing how un-evloved and how unfriendly the interface is. here are the list of problems i faced in a week.
1) Some people posted on my walls, so i went to my walls to check it, but instead of only seeing what people wrote on my post, i saw every news that relates to me, like if people tagged me or accept my invitation, that info is on my wall. that;s stupid. i don;t need that on my wall. it made it very hard to look at the ACTUAL wall posts
2) What’s up with profile and home. why there are two different pages for very similar pages. there are some differences between the two pages, but the differences didn’t make sense. it is supier stupid to keep switching between these two pages to navigate information about one person.
3) As stupid as i might sound, i expected to edit my friends from the friends page. instead i have to go to profile-edit friends. that’s stupid, why can’t i change friends from the friends page.
4) i clicked on some old friends page, and discovered i don’;t really know them, but i discovered as well I CAN”T DEFRIEND THEM from their own page. that’s stupid, super stupid.
5)when i defriend some people, i still see their name when i show all friends. even though when i try to redefriend them they tell me i already did that, yet it keep showing those defriended people.
6) I checked the notification settings and i saw many many details that i can change about my EMAIL notifications. WHAT ABOUT THE STUPID NEWS FEED. why can’t i change what to be added on my stupid news feed. like if my friends got new friends, why should i care. it is stupid that i can’t remove that stupid notification. i can only hide all news about specific friend, but that’s too coarse.
7)why can’t i change the layout/appearance of my home page? i used to be able to do that before i quit (4 years ago)
but on the other hand, the privacy settings are very good and they r detailed enough for people get exactly what they want.
It was very sad to see facebook this bad. it was 4 years and still they didn’t evolve to a better site. i feel they are taking advantage of the fact that users and the world won’t quit facebook and they decided to stop improving it. this site is definitely not worth its reputation.