I am quiting this blog unless…

1- I get back my full control over my blogs, and this includes:

a- Being able to post media
b- Being able to edit my posts.
c- Being able to add tags.
D- Being able to publish using the “Add New post” rather than the “QuickPress”.

2-If I do not have the above, am not only going to quir, but going to kill you all by carrdic arrests (not using the death note but by injecting sodium into your blood viens)

3- I just felt like adding a 3rd point.

4- Severo man please fix this, or I will have to do the above! x)

The three clock arms problem revisited

This is a problem that Slvador thought about when we were 7th graders. He wanted to come up with an equation to find when the three arms of a clock intersect. Slvador would you please put the equation?

Anyways, today I was trying to approach this problem graphically, and I found something interesting. The probability that the three arms would intersect is very low, except when the time is 12:00!

I will tell you how! First I assumed the following:

1- The thickness of the three arms is zero, just like a line in a 2D plan.
2- The arms are continuously in motion (quartz clock), they do not do the tick-tack thingy, and we have such a clock actually.

Ok, now we can note that for a single cycle of the hours arm, there will be 12 cycles of the minutes arm and 720 for the seconds arm. This can be graphically represented on a 2D plan, with the cycle being represented on the Y axis, while the time is represented on the X axis in seconds. Starting with the seconds arms, we will have 720 parallel lines that represent the motion of the seconds arm motion like saw teeth, and 12 parallel lines representing the motion of the minutes arm, also like a saw teeth, and finally one line that represents the hours arm.

Of course, the seconds arm will intersect with the hours arm 720 times, and with the minutes arm the same amount of times. The minutes arm will intersect with the hours arm 12 times.

Now let’s think about it, what are the chances that 11 points of those 1452 points could represent the solution for the system? Please note my assumptions and answer. I think it is very low, but we need to try to see if we can find any points that can solve the system of equations that is represented graphically above.

افسحو الطريق للخز فيغارو

Not the kind of 5oz you mean, it is the original meaning of 5oz! One of my favorite classics! Anyways, I am sorry for the geek, I searched for the song with Pavarotti’s voice but find only this one (unfortunately)! This song was performed in one of Tom and Jerry episodes called “The Cat Above and The Mouse Below”! This is how I started loving this song, and because this episode was one of the rare episodes to be shown on Jordan TV, it was one of my childhood dreams to be able to play it anytime I want!

Btw, it is called Largo al factotum which means “afse7o altareek le el5oz”! Enjoy!

Amman Stand-up Comedy Festival!

So yesterday we went to this festival in Al-Husain Cultural Center in Ras Al-Ain! “We” includes Yanal, Odin, DonAmr, TsoTso, Nader, Hajeeri and finally a friend of TsoTso. Odin called me like 9 days ago and told me about the Festival (although its ads are every where you go to in Amman) and told me that one of his friends has got an offer for the first day tickets, buy one and get one free. The ticket costs 20 JD so we had just to pay 10 JD.


To say the truth am not a fan of stand-up comedy, because I feel that it is too much to stay for a full hour in front of the same person. But I thought that Odin wanna go, and no one wanna go, so I will support him if he want to, the domino effect started and the guys joined.


Anyways, it was ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS I EVER HAD! Unbelievable, although not all of the guys were known to us (we thought the ones we did not know, were just stupid guys). But they were funny that they’d made you laugh your guts out! Dame it!


It started with Dean (form the axis of evil) and he made quit funny remarks about smoking in Jordan and the habit of being late always! But then he became the introducer for the other guys, and he would make funny remarks between the sessions.


The next guy was called Nemr Abou Nassar, he is a Lebanese pioneer in the stand up comedy, but he was one of the funniest. He was making fun of Lebanon and war, specially the last war, and also of different things, such as waxing, women periods, and French language to name only few.


The third was called Meena Dimian, he was not very good actually, he made fun of himself for like the first five minutes, and then started talking about his problems as a Muslim in the states.


The forth is Amer Zaher, he is a Palestinian guy, who lived in Amman for a little time before his father moved to the state when he was still a baby, and he was damn funny. He was making fun of the Boaters (or the fresh out of the boat), which are new comers to the states. His family being his example of these guys.


Then came Mike Batayeh, an American guy of a Jordanian descent. This guy was REALLY FUNNY, making fun of his family too, especially the marriage thingy. He also made fun out of his father and mother for being intolerant, and of the Jordanians in general.


The sixth guy was called Ronnie Khalil, he is a funny Egyptian guy, who made fun of the problems he faces as an Arabic guy in the states, and the ignorance of people about Egypt, as they do not know that Egypt is an Arabic country. He also made fun out of the problems he faced with his family, like the marriage issue and so on. But he was a good dancer; he finished his part with joke about the hip-hop songs.


The 7th was a girl of Palestinian origins, now this girl is a miracle. She has a disease that makes her shake involuntary, but she doesn’t care at all, she even made fun of her self in several occasions, for instance when she said “Mskena” about her self, when she called her self as “Shakira” for shaking, and when she told us she went to refugee camps every year not to support them as people think, but to find a husband that would accept her. She also made fun out of the fact that she is touring the world with 7 guys, so the “Mskeen” is her father. But she told us that a guy had proposed to her, so Mbrook Ms. Maysoon Zayid.


Finally, it was Aron Kader turn, he was really funny. Making fun of Bush and Dr. Phil, also making fun of the addressing system in Jordan, where you have to tour Amman to find your destination at the end. He also made fun out of the 7th circle statue. It was a funny one, he either said a book making love to boys or a man making love to boys, I can not remember well. And he finished his part with his cousins doing a “Dabka” (he made fun of the dabka too).


Of course what is mentioned above is a sample of what they have said and done, the party lasted for 2.5 hours. The festival will last till next Friday, but the tickets are already gone, we hardly could manage to get ours at the first place.


When I stood up my legs where aching, like I have been running for 2 hours. We went to “celebrate” that night (as Yanal said it) in the little creaser. I really wished that all of you guys were there! But may be next time (2nsha2 allah).

Red Alert 3 (Game Review)

I have just finished the game! It is great, probably the best strategy game I played since Red Alert 2 =), it is great and I recommend it for all.


Red Alert 2 introduced the navel forces before, but to a limited extent, though it was the first game I played where you can build navel factory. In Red Alert 3 sea makes 40% of the game, you can even build your base in the sea, with only the barracks and the war factory for the allies and the soviet that can not be built in the sea.


Another thing I liked is the air forces; they are well introduced to the game and added another flavor, not to forget that many units are more of an assistant unit rather than a worrier unit.


The graphics are great and the sound tracks are greater, actually I loved the most the first soundtrack when you run the game, it is called soviet march, unbelievable great. I thought it was the Soviet Union anthem for the first time, but it makes you feel like “give me a war right now”. They made many remixes to Red Alert 2 soundtracks, and they are great, especially “Hell March 3” though it is not as good as “Hell March 2”.


The nice thing about the game is the duality of many of units, some can transport through water and grounds, some can switch between ground and air, others can use air and water, and I found only one unit that can use the three mediums. Some units can use only one of those mediums.


Many of the classical units had made it to RA3 too, but where a bit modified. Most notably for me was the allies spy. He is now a great threat; he can turn your units against you now for a low price.


The best thing is that this game has really become a strategy game. The well known strategy of build plenty of mirage and charge don’t work here. Each unit has a special ability or can switch between different modes.


Another thing I had in mind was that this game is the fruit of all the pervious command and conquer series, they used what was the best in all of the former games to come up with this one, the promotions from generals, the expansion vehicles from terbium wars and the classical Red Alert + things newly designed for this game alone.


One disappointing thing is the computer commander; he can sometimes finish the game for you while you are still setting there! Except for the last two missions of the rising sun where he was totally annihilated at the beginning of the game leaving me alone =)


I am looking forward to play it on-line or in a network game =)

Queen Rania Prize for Entrepreneurship

So yesterday was the day for declaring the winners of the prize, I had an invitation, but I did not read it till yesterday at 11:00 am and the party was at 12:00 pm, they said you must come 30 min earlier. 30 min were just enough to go there, but I do not know even where Ras Al-Ain is (shameful I know) and I was just getting out of bed. I was sad that I missed the chance.

Anyways, one of the teams that won was called MiDA. This team is a great one, I am working with them now on a secret project (not for dominating the world but it can be used to do so later) anyways I should tell you about the unbelievable project these guys are working on.

The story started two years ago when these guys (Dima “mechatronics engineer” and Ismae’el “computer engineer”) from the University of Jordan had to register their graduation project that Dima was thinking about it 3 years ago. Their project was on the human computer-interaction BUT without the white board thingy. Now this one was already done by Ketab Company (one of the former winners of the Queen Rania Prize). But these guys project is just to project the screen on anything without the need for the white board.

So they were looking for a professor to supervise their project, but no babe, all told them stop dreaming and go play away form here. They managed to get a professor at the end and the project WORKED. They won the IEEE prize for their term and another prize from the University of Jordan.

The project they used in the Queen Rania Prize for this year was an air projected screen, to make it easier imagine a flat screen without the hardware on it, just a thin film in the air displaying whatever you want (TV or computer). They won and placed 3rd according to Al-Gahd.

Now these guys participated just to gain the support for their unbelievable technology. They want to couple the air projected screen with their graduation project, to get an interactive computer interface floating in the air, and it is as they told me easy and already being done. When ever I get videos for them I will try to show it here.

Anyways, S3d brother Mohammad had won Google best online plan, so congratulations to him and to all of those who won.