Who is Salvador Limones

This post is a dedication to the awesome Salvador Limones which I chose my nickname after (Slvador Limonis)
Salvador Limones

Salvador Limones

Salvador is a character in a 1998 computer video game titled “Grim Fandango” (I can’t believe it has been 14 years since that glorious game was released). Following I will explain Salvador Limones story which will contain spoilers from the game

Salvador is the founder and leader of an underground organization called “Lost Souls Alliance (LSA)”. The alliance goal is investigating and flushing out the corruption in the Department of Death (DoD). Salvador believes that people in the DoD are stealing the Golden Tickets of good souls. This causing the good souls to embark on the dangerous and scary journey through the land of dead for 4 years even though, their hard earned (by living a pious life) and stolen golden tickets qualifies them to go through the whole journey on the luxurious Number Nine Train which takes a comfortable 4 minutes in stead 4 years to reach heaven.

During the game you control a character called “manny Calavera” who works as a salesman in the DoD. After some commotion with your boss you agree to help Salvador and the LSA in their cause in exchange to Salvador’s help in leaving the city “El Marrow”. While Manny away, Salvador would send sporadically simple letters with updates about the LSA and the city. After 3 years away from the city the character you control ” Manny Calavera” comes back to El Marrow just to find out it has been fully controlled by the evil mastermind “Hector LeMans”. The LSA has grown significantly as well and they help Manny to hide from Hector’s security. In the fight against Hector’s gang and through the betrayal of the double agent “Olivia”, Salvador loses his body and only his head stays alive (the whole game setting is after life, so people can live with half bodies). As his last bravery feat, Salvador bites on a small poisonous capsule attached to his teeth to sacrifice himself and kill the traitor Olivia. Shortly after this incident, Manny discovers that Salvador lived a very good and pious previous life qualifying him for a Golden Ticket on the Number Nine Train but it was stolen from him and the ticket was only found after his death.

I loved the Salvador Limones character because he was a shining example of a person with great charisma and convictions as well being a great leader and a loyal friend. His famous line, which he usually ends every conversation with, is “Viva La Revolucion!”. I recall the moment where it was shown that Salvador deserved a golden ticket is the moment my fall for him was complete thus using his misspelled name for the next 14 years (and probably in the future as well) everywhere including my username, forum nicknames and several high school exams and homeworks.

I do realize people’s dismissal view about taking a fictional video game character as a role model, however I do believe the characteristics which existed in Salvador Limones is worth pursuing and imitating.
The misspelling of the name started by mistake due to my inability to remember spellings well, but the misspelling has been adopted as the offical nickname after it became obvious that due to the misspelling I was able to use the nickname “Slvador” to register on almost every single site I needed to register on since the original spelling of the world is widely used making it widely unavailable and the misspelled version is almost always available. I still do face troubles dictating the nickname to others since it is hard to pronounce a misspelled word clearly to others

Viva la Revolucion!

Can you critique the King’s book??


I am King Abdullah’s Book “Our last best chance”. I am barely 1/5 of it at the moment, but as most people, when reading a book, i keep thinking of weak and strong points the book try to make. I thought about writing a review about these points here, but then I started to think, AM I ALLOWED to critique the king’s writing? would that blacklist me? Would i go to jail for that? is critiquing the king’s writing considered an insult to the ruling family which i think is a felony?

Anyway, i ended up deciding not to write the critique because i don’t want to find out the answers to these question the hard way.

But that by itself is very sad. We live in such a fear that we can’t speak our mind, even though we are not trying to oppose or insult anyone. I usually consider myself as someone who pushes such limits and yet for this limit i felt it is too dangerous to cross.

Am I wrong to be afraid to write a book critique in a public place? or our country would actually prosecute someone who does that? If it does, should it change? would it change?

Coming back to facebook


After four years from deactivation facebook (oct-2007), last week i decided to come back to facebook for multiple reasons. But what surprised me is how bad the interface of facebook is. While i am still learning how to navigate facebook, it is very disappointing how un-evloved and how unfriendly the interface is. here are the list of problems i faced in a week.
1) Some people posted on my walls, so i went to my walls to check it, but instead of only seeing what people wrote on my post, i saw every news that relates to me, like if people tagged me or accept my invitation, that info is on my wall. that;s stupid. i don;t need that on my wall. it made it very hard to look at the ACTUAL wall posts
2) What’s up with profile and home. why there are two different pages for very similar pages. there are some differences between the two pages, but the differences didn’t make sense. it is supier stupid to keep switching between these two pages to navigate information about one person.
3) As stupid as i might sound, i expected to edit my friends from the friends page. instead i have to go to profile-edit friends. that’s stupid, why can’t i change friends from the friends page.
4) i clicked on some old friends page, and discovered i don’;t really know them, but i discovered as well I CAN”T DEFRIEND THEM from their own page. that’s stupid, super stupid.
5)when i defriend some people, i still see their name when i show all friends. even though when i try to redefriend them they tell me i already did that, yet it keep showing those defriended people.
6) I checked the notification settings and i saw many many details that i can change about my EMAIL notifications. WHAT ABOUT THE STUPID NEWS FEED. why can’t i change what to be added on my stupid news feed. like if my friends got new friends, why should i care. it is stupid that i can’t remove that stupid notification. i can only hide all news about specific friend, but that’s too coarse.
7)why can’t i change the layout/appearance of my home page? i used to be able to do that before i quit (4 years ago)
but on the other hand, the privacy settings are very good and they r detailed enough for people get exactly what they want.
It was very sad to see facebook this bad. it was 4 years and still they didn’t evolve to a better site. i feel they are taking advantage of the fact that users and the world won’t quit facebook and they decided to stop improving it. this site is definitely not worth its reputation.

Prince Zeid ben Raad with Jon Stewart


Just thought it might be interesting to my fellow jordanians to see what a prince from jordan speaks in US tv talk shows

Here is the wikipedia about the prince

Here is the link to the interview with Jon Stewart(a famous talk show host with huge follower base)
Part 1 http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-march-1-2011/exclusive—zeid-ra-ad-extended-interview-pt–1
Part 2 http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-march-1-2011/exclusive—zeid-ra-ad-extended-interview-pt–2
Part 3 http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-march-1-2011/exclusive—zeid-ra-ad-extended-interview-pt–3

The art of arguing

Hello all. I have been thinking about this for a while. while I am not an expert in anyway, however i think the number of arguments and the variety of people  I argued with through my life and my analytical perspective in life enable me to create a semi-good list of do’s and don’ts that are essential for any PRODUCTIVE argument. I will try to list them here and explain them. I am really interested in any agreements or disagreements with them.

1: Check your intention
Many times I have seen myself and other people going into an argument to prove that my theory/opinion is the correct one. That’s NOT why we argue. The beneficial aspect of arguing is reaching the correct answer. By nature people hate to lose, and since arguing is considered an art, people hate to “lose” and be convinced by the other person. I know i noticed this in myself that i sometimes present an argument that i know the counter to but i say it anyway in the hope that the other party doesn’t know the counter. this way i will win the argument in public, even though i know in my mind that the argument i presented is weak and counter-able. So before you start an argument, be ready to be convinced by the other person’s opinion.

2:Check the other person’s intention
This is similar to the first one, but it is a bit more tricky for two reasons. First it requires more experience/skill to recognize what is the other person’s intention. The second reason, which is more complicated, that EVEN if the other party is arguing for the wrong reason(s), you can still benefit from his arguments, either by being convinced by them, or at least by knowing what arguments people on the other side use and believe in.

Another thing you need to recognize in other people is that sometimes people argue against something not because they have proof that it is right, but because once upon a time they were hurt by that aspect so they are now fully against it. I would guess most of us seen that in religion and how for example if some people were robbed from their freedom by their parents who claim that’s religion and how these oppressed people become fully against religion. To spot such people i noticed the best way is to count how often they use examples. Many of their arguments will start with “One time i met/saw someone/something doing your way and he/she/it was very bad person/thing”. For those people it is usually a dead-end argument and it might be a very good idea to just stop the arguing and simply listen to them venting.

I will go over using examples in arguments and their strengths and weaknesses, but in general, examples alone are not enough to prove theoretical points, they are more geared to prove practical/realistic points.

3:Declare your stance
It is scary the number of times I witnessed two people arguing AGAINST each other, but for the SAME side. You would think this is an easy point to notice, but it isn’t. Many times people use specific words to describe their position. This causes the other side to think that the first party is against them JUST because they used different set of words to describe the same argument. PLEASE PLEASE notice this as fast as possible and announce it explicitly “we are agreeing with each other” and stop the useless argument from continuing. The best way to notice this by LISTENING to the other side and understanding what they mean rather than ONLY thinking about the literary meaning of their sentences . again go back to point 1, we are arguing to find the correct answer, not to show our skill in arguing or in choosing words.

4: Define what you are arguing about
It is inevitable that argument shift around once it starts. so make sure at ANY single moment that you and the other side know exactly what you are trying to prove. I found it very very useful to announce what you are trying to prove before you present your argument. Example, say “I am trying to prove that flying can be considered part of teleportation; because if i can teleport, i can practically fly by continuously teleporting upward”. This argument could have started from “which is better, teleportation or flying”. The example i presented doesn’t necessarily prove that teleportation is better than flying, it only proves that flying can be done through multiple teleportations, there is a subtle difference.To “win” an argument, you need your opponent to agree on smaller points before jumping to the main point. So you need to make sure the other side agrees to the example you presented BEFORE claiming or jumping to another point. Again announce agreements when they happen, or ask for it explicitly. say, “do you agree that if i can teleport then i can fly?” the answer might surprise you.

So every now and then, take a step back and figure out what you or the other side are trying to prove at that specific moment. Because that’s when people usually argue against each other even though they are on the same side. They started on the opposite sides, but with the shift they became on the same side, but neither side realized that because they are both focused on the whole war rather this specific battle.

5: Define expressions and words
This is really important as well. Many words we use in our life have very stretchy meaning such as terrorist, religious, idiot, smart, rich, generous…etc. Basically any qualitative characteristic is not defined clearly and can easily differ in meaning between two people. So before you argue whether America is a Christian country or not, define what does “Christian country” mean. You will be surprised of how many arguments are solved by agreeing on a definition. Many times i saw arguments of two people who in meaning agree with each other, but since they both have different definition they continue to argue. it happened to me several times before i learned how to detect it.

6:The use of examples
As i have stated before, you need to be careful with the use of examples. Some arguments can only be proved by examples, others it do nothing to mention examples. Proving observations or practicality of something can be proved by examples. If someone claimed that older people don’t enjoy roller coasters. Mentioning the people who you know who are old and hate roller coaster can help you. To disprove this, you will need examples as well. Now there is a common mistake thinking that in practical world you only need ONE counter example to disprove a theory. Unlike math and pure logic languages, real life theories don’t have to be true all the time to be true. It is sufficient to be true most of the time. so if 10 old people hate roller coasters while only 2 liked it. then this shows that the initial theory that old people hate roller coaster is correct.

When discussing logical reasons behind observation, then examples start losing its strength. Like if someone said the reason old people hate roller coasters because the older brains get dizzy easier. Then you have to prove scientifically that is true. Saying that my grandpa said so doesn’t really prove that point since self observations are really inaccurate. It is a tricky line, but i hope i conveyed the general idea. I have to mention one more extremely common example. if someone discussing a religion, mentioning examples doesn’t help at all. Religion doesn’t control the actions of the followers. Examples can’t prove theoretical or logical points like religion or math or any scientific explanation. they can, however, prove that religious people act specific way.

Another important point in examples, that when you mention an example to clarify a specific point by analogy, you are NOT allowed to discuss a different aspects of the example. For example, if you say “this homework is as easy as getting candy from a kid”. The other party is NOT allowed to respond with “But the the kid already licked the candy, so it will make you sick, same thing the homework will make you sick”. I know this is not the best example, but the idea is, the example was mentioned to describe the easiness of the task, you cannot use other aspects of the same analogy. Actually it is strongly recommended to not discuss any part of the analogy/example. After all it was mentioned to clarify a point, not to change the discussion point.

7:Your self observation is usually wrong
This is more specific for arguments about some characteristic you do or do not have. For example if someone said you look fat. You can’t counter this argument by telling them your BMI is not bad, or you are big boned. Same thing goes if someone claimed that you get angry fast. You can’t consider your self-observation as part of the argument because those characteristics BY DEFINITION depends on other people’s perspective of you. So if people say you look fat, then you do look fat. The only valid way to counter this by asking other people. In general, humans are pretty bad at evaluating themselves accurately so be accepting for other people’s criticism.

8: Believe others
To have a useful argument, you HAVE to assume that the person in front of you is not lying or idiot. For example, if someone said “i checked this site and it says the show starts at 8:00” but you checked it as well and it said 7:00. you can’t assume that you are right just because the information came from you. If you reach a deadlock in such arguments, then STOP IT. You can’t prove the site said 7:00 without checking it again. Assuming that the other guy is mistaken because you trust your own eyes more than his is NOT a valid reasoning at all. Same thing with logic, you need to assume that the other person knows what he is talking about to have a constructive argument, otherwise you will never accept any information he conveys if you think he is an idiot thus useless argument.

9:Recognize a deadlock
Not every argument need to be settled. Actually most things in life do NOT have one correct answer. You are ALLOWED to disagree with another person and both be correct. Not everything is black and white. The trick is to know exactly where the difference is and then announce that point as the main difference point, and it cannot be settled then stop arguing. If two people trying to compare what is better, running or biking as a sports. You can mention many points for each, but it might hang on which is funner to do, running or biking and if that was the difference point, then you are in a deadlock and the argument NEED to be stopped immediately even though both sides are correct. There is no right answer of which is funner. I have seen people trying to argue about opinionated points. That’s just wrong. Opinions don’t have right and wrong. It is always better to define words by quantitative values to avoid such issues like “which burns more calories if done for the same specific of time, biking or running”.

That’s the points that i can think of for now. if i thought of any other important points i might add them later. I skipped all the common knowledge points like, don’t insult the other person, don’t belittle the other opinion, listen to the other argument before responding, don’t be defensive and don’t take it personally or scream …etc. I thought those are well known and pretty intuitive.

If you disagree with some of those points or you think you have a useful addition, please share it with us. i am interested to see what other thinks about these.

Sexist culture or sexist religion?

Hello people,

As any muslim in a western land, the question about islam demeaning women is a constant subject whenever religion topic is discussed.  The first word that any typical muslim would say is” no, islam is not sexist”, but the the argument goes into hijab and adultery and often the muslim guy will be on the defensive. On top of that almost always all the current data/news will be against the muslim. Many will, then,  resort to mentioning prophet time and how things were awesome for muslim women then, but usually people are not convinced by history examples or convinced that old tricks will work now.

I thought about this long and hard. Thinking about this more and more, i came to the conclusion that we ARE indeed sexists, and actually big time sexists. The trick is, our sexism happens by sexist selection of advice, not by sexist advice itself. like some people practically force their daughters to wear hijab, or prevent them from playing sports since there is no good islamic sports clothing for women( never understood why no one thought about that actively yet). These will be hard to strongly counter islamicly without adding stuff like , “weeeeell, islam doesn’t REALLY force women , it just recommend it very heavily, or women can play sports if so and so and so and so conditions apply.” These kind of sentences make it sound like that islam is what preventing the women and NOT men from playing sports. But in actuality, there are rules for sports for btoh men and women, same thing with dress code. While the rules might differ, but they exist for both. The REAL sexism comes from the fact that the people doesn’t care if a man/son abide by these islamic rules. when was the last time you heard a father preventing his son from going out wearing shorts, or when was the last time people complained about the soccer shorts being over the knee. Of course the other famous sexist example is the boys who dates girls are alright as long as the girls don’t date boys; I never truly understood how that logic works, yet our people somehow made it possible. We were able to indict women for an act, by definition, has to be done by men and women.

The problem lies within our culture. We are, like most people in the world east and west, sexist. It differs in levels, but all in all, we are all little bit sexist. Islam didn’t put down women, but we only try to implement islam or any other restrictions on women and not on men, that’s where the apparent islamic sexism come from.

I do have to admit that law-wise, there are some gender laws in our countries(not islamic), but they are not by any count the main factor of the sexism in our countries. It is the people, and ONLY the people.

I think we need a culture revolution to stop singling out women for implementing rules and restrictions. Unfortunately I have no idea how to do that except by giving the same amount of permission to the  sons as much as the daughters, curfews, rules, privileges…etc.

Do you have another idea?

The stanford prison experiment

I watched a movie yesterday called “das experiment” which was based on the Stanford prison experiment. The movie was pretty good (with some weak links) but it was a really thought provoking movie as the real story is.

The experiment is simple. Stanford wanted to see the effect of prison life on guards and prisoners. So it gathered 24 male college students selected from around 70 total applicants and tested them psychologically. They found that all of them are pretty normal on all the tests. The experiment conducted the summer of 1971

Then they chose 8 men randomly to be the guards and the rest 12 were the prisoners. The jail was one of the floors in the Stanford University. They re-adjusted the offices to become jails with barred doors and closed the main hallway so it will be a closed area. The idea of the experiment was to stress the prisoners so they added multiple pretty stressful conditions, which don’t exist in a typical jail to expedite the effects of prisons. After all, the experiment was for only 2 weeks.

Examples of the extra humiliation was getting them naked at the beginning and dressing them with very baggy dress clothes without even underwear, just a baggy garment, closer to a big shirt. They gave the prisoners stocking to put on their hair instead of shaving it and they gave prisoners numbers and forbid them from referring to each other by a different means. That was to destroy their individuality. These things shown huge effect on the prisoners almost instantly, they started to walk and sit less manly and more like an embarrassed woman as soon as they were dressed without underwear.

you can read the details in the link. it is very interesting


The main thing that stood out from this experiment is how much the people got sucked into their roles. At the beginning as you would expect, all were joking, prisoners and guards and they didn’t fully take it seriously, but in less than a day, the guards became significantly more aggressive (no violence were allowed, but punishments were) and prisoners became more depressed and broken. The morning of the second day (after around 24 hours) the prisoners rebelled by barricading their cells with their bunk beds. The guards frustrated and feeling humiliated from the insults of the prisoners took a fire extinguisher and sprayed the prisoners with chill carbon dioxide into submission and they took off their clothes and their beds and made them stay in their cells naked as a punishment.

From that moment on, the prisoners became much more like prisoners and guards like guards. The guards became more sadistic in their punishment, it started with simple pushups, but then it became solitary confinement which was limited to 1 hour by the experimenters but the guards would put people there for three hours. They would humiliate the prisoners more often. They would make them clean the bathrooms with bare hands. They prevented them from going to the bathroom and only gave them a bucket in their cells instead which they didn’t clean intentionally. Things got out of hand very fast. Because of the arbitrary group punishment or the almost random selective privileges given to prisoners, the prisoners became more separated and the guards became more close to each other. It almost became a war between them, the sadistic guards and the mentally and physically broken prisoners. In a period of 5 days, some prisoners broke down and cried hysterically, some developed a rash out of stress and some went almost crazy.

The experiment had to be shut down after the 5th day ONLY because it became so bad that is was comparative to abu ghraib and nazi prisons. They used the bags over head, and they did use stripping as punishment. The guards, who were very normal smart college students, became very sadistic and the prisoners became so depressed and broken that they really lived the role.

A strange incident shows how broken the prisoners were. the prisoners were presented to a parole committee, the committee asked the prisoners after 3 or 4 days of imprisonment “if we offer you instant release but we won’t give you the money we promised if you finish the experiment, would you take the offer?” the prisoners said they will and the committee said “we will look into it tomorrow”.

The funny thing about this, this is an experiment and ANY OF THEM HAVE the choice to leave the prison at any moment and not get paid, YET they were waiting for the approval of the committee. The approval for something they can do by their own. It is scary how fast everyone got sucked into this role.

My friend relates this to sports where people start thinking that they NEED to win so badly even though nothing at all will happen either way. The guards felt like they HAVE to control the prisoner no matter what. And the prisoners’ sole goal became to survive. I strongly recommend reading the link I sent. It is very interesting and in-depth perspective into human beings.

The main point that researchers take from this experiment than normal people can become monsters once given power. Scary thought. What do you think?

The movie link


The experiment link again


Jordan wiki leaks


i wonder if we are allowed to publish what is already published. the wikileaks from the Jordanian US embassy. till now there are three leaks from there only.

Page of Amman’s cableleaks

1- about Iran

2- some meeting with Kuwait

3- canceled football match between wahdat and faisali because of crowd (sensitive info inside)

It is really an eye opener to read some of the wiki leaks. For the first time you truly feel the honesty of the politicians. It is very interesting to see their real point of views. I think this is the best unbiased source of information for a typical person (me and you). I very strongly urge you to check out the wikileaks: so we will stop being a toy in the media’s hand.

I gave the ip address rather than the name, because the name is being electronically attacked so it might not work wikileaks.org

EDIT: some claimed they can’t access the main site, here is a list of mirror sites. i havn’t tried them all of course, but some work.

http://wl.rekursion.ch/cablegate.html — this is one of them directly to the leaked cables, the one below is mirrors for the main site of wikileaks.org ENJOY

******* Taken directly from ************

Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 1368 sites (updated 2010-12-09 09:39 GMT)

wikileaks.as50620.net wikileaks.tard.is ipv6 freeus.jsdev.org
wikileaks.enzym.su freeus.jsdev.org wikileaks.cellue.de
wikileaks.kafe-in.net ipv6 wl.opsec.eu ipv6 wl.donatepl0x.com
wikileaks.challet.eu wikileaks.kister.org wl.gernox.de
wikileaks.morningtime.com wikileaks.renout.nl wikileaks.fdn.fr
wikileaks.gonte.se wikileaks.kaptenkong.se wikileaksmirror.proxelsus-hosting.de ipv6
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wikileaks.sbr.im wikileaks.u0d.de wikileaks.81-89-98-125.blue.kundencontro…
www.fuckip.de wikileaks.psytek.net wl.mrkva.eu
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How stupid you have to be to boycott the election?

Sorry for the nonobjective title,

But really, every election, the Islamic Action Front(IAF) and other opposition parties boycott the election and every time the only thing that happens is they lose more seats and no practical gains at all!!! What is the point of boycotting? Is it a way to get an excuse for losing? Are they afraid if they actually run then they will lose anyway??

I remember similar thing happened in Iraq several years ago when the Sunni parties boycotted the election because they said it is not legitimate while the Shia parties didn’t boycott and guess what happened? the Shia won the majority of the seats and nobody cared that the Sunni boycotted. Same thing happens EVERY SINGLE election in Jordan. The funny thing, in Iraq the next election, the Sunni actually joined the election and they got a good share of the seats.I really hope those “opposition” parties learn from such events and stop being such an emo

On another note, everyone should vote EVEN if they thing it won’t make a difference because they think it is rigged. If you never vote, we can never know if it is really rigged or not AND we will never have good people in power. I hate it when i see the ratio of complaining to action stupidly high.

Did you vote?? why yes or why not? and do you think boycotting is helpful in any practical way?