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About Jordan Mafia

These are the Chronicles of the Survivors, the remains of Class 2004 of Jubilee School and some of their friends, a few shattered Souls who are still out there for some unfinished business, they share what they like, what they don’t like.. What ever they want…

If you didn’t like what is written in any post, comment or poll … well its not a democracy and I couldn’t care less about what do you think.. and remember you weren’t invited to view this journals .. Got that !

This Journals in a shared effort between the following writers, each is gifted with a special gift that makes him unique in every one owns way

Haytham Essam: Exiled from the humanoid world, this creature seeks only the scent of agony and affliction. Tormenting the souls of those who are cool and sundering apart the very ties that hinder them from falling into oblivion. Elune can find you and that is its gift.

Malek: Former JordanMafia viceroy to the West Indies and current head-spy on the latest researches in the field of Renewable energy. Malek is the living icon of aloofness, leaving a trail of coolness in his wake. Once incinerated in the land of the unrequited, from the ashes he was reborn. Malek cannot die and that is his gift.

Odin: 3awwayeh! Gaya has looked upon him so far but obviously got bored and now left him prone to the wear and tear effects of nature. Met a nice Spanish guy last Summer and it went pretty fine between them. Expecting his first kid any time now! Odin lives happily and that is his gift.

Severus: He is Mostly Harmless … Mostly. He loves Cows, collects cows dolls and stuffed cows, got a huge collection out of them and can manipulate them in forms never aforeseen by human kind, and that is his gift. .. and He do Hardees !

Slvador limonis : “I laugh in the face of danger!” He did that, he bit danger’s nose off and farted on what was assumingly the remainder of its face. He is the chosen one, Spirits channel themselves through him to strike hopeless whatever comes into the range of his hand (or foot). Slvador can kill you and that is his gift.

XZeeR: A creature of unshakable needs. He is controlled by his mortal lusts. Food plays tricks on his mind, sex bedazzle his senses, and sleep casts a cloud of eternal darkness about his eyes (partly because he actually closes his eyes when he sleeps and mainly because there are no lights in his room). Sleeping on his Hardees throne or swimming through his infinite library of pornography, he was feared and despised as the master of perversion, bound to be known through out time. He can eat you, rape you and sleep around you while he’s at it and that is his gift.

Yuri: The soul of Ninja, citric acid, and maternity. A master of martial arts; Tai jutso, Tai kwan Du, Brazilian belly-dancing and whatever art that discussed the techniques of sneaking his dually-twisted feet up your ass. Previously known as the legendary “Abu Sharkas” worrier, Yuri can kick your ass and that is his gift.

-If you happen to engage in any kind of activity with us and think you can do something “smart” and still get away with it then be advised; Our members can find you, seduce you, kick your ass, devastate your mind, eat and rape you, bore you with cow dolls, kill you and then ponder happily around what’s left of your body. This is according to the Oxford dictionary of what’s and what’s not an impenetrable preventive measure that can repel everything and everyone in the proximity of universe k55 (aka our universe).


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