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Well, it is 11:42 am and I am stuck at a statistics class. So I thought writing a post will be more useful. I already missed a class this morning, as no one knows I have a class every  morning at 8:30. I know, I do not know how I make it usually to class, well, I do not. The statistics class is worse though, in the last lecture we worked on model of students happiness and number of snacks and number of homeworks. The result turned up that students are happier with less snacks and more homework. This bullshit result only reminds of Mark Twain words: “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Thank god it is Thursday.

On a different topic, I went with my friends camping in the desert last weekend, I will post the pictures soon-ish. It was freaking cold, but it was a clear sky with a full moon. The original plan was to camp in Hatta, which is a mountain area in the eastern part of UAE. However, it turned out that we needed to past through Oman to get there. So without passports, we head back with no clue at 10 pm looking for another place to camp. We had a small outing book and we checked it for the nearest camping site, it was called Big Red. Big Red as the name gives out it was the desert as in big dunes of sand. It was awesome. However, it turned out that people go their to drive crazily in the desert. So all we saw were big pickup trucks and SUVs climbing dunes. Our driver was not experienced enough so we got stuck twice and we needed help to get it out. It was a funny disastrous trip.

Recent travel plans, I am planning to go to Spain in June. I am coming home in mid March. Also, I might go to Sweden for a environment summit in May. I sound busy, but i am really not.

only half an hour gone, damn it, half an hour to go. I am playing facebook poker.

6 thoughts on “Statistics Class

  1. Dude, you need to take Yanal on one of those Desert camping trips. You will hear all about his paranoid demonic delusions, “Jen” and all. Would be awesome.

  2. There is no Jen here, it is hard for you to get a visa if you do not exist.

    Yuri, there is an area of UAE goes around Oman in the east. Check the map and you will see it.

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