Apologies for the delay…let’s hit it

Hello all from AD,

So I have been here for 4 months now and I am starting to feel used to be here…which is not easy. Masdar Institute is pretty interesting in concept, but in reality it is an unfinished project that needs a lot of work. The #1 description of projects in UAE in general is DELAY. Everything gets delayed, whether for technical difficulties or mismanagement. The institute is pretty cool, it runs on renewable energy and it has self driven vehicles. I will upload picture in a different post.

I am working on systems optimization of hybrid solar/wind systems. Basically it is creating math models and solving it with different programs. It is pretty cool in concept but I am starting to realize maybe all of this is just bullshit. I do not know. I am trying to figure my next step but it is vague at this point.

Dubai is awesome. It is a city from the future. Forget about all that showing off. Having a city in the middle of the desert resurrected is awesome. I recommend visiting it.

This is a short catch up, i will try to bring more to the table

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