Tales of Yore#6: Flask of Eternity

This took place sometime in our freshman/sophomore year at college. It was a hot Summer morning and I was in the company of Yanal as we strode the lengths of the science square during one of our mutual breaks. Boredom led us up the stairs of the physics department and onto its roof.

There, we found an empty flask that has been cast away for some reason and left to the tear and wear of time. Our first instictive reaction was to have a kick at it. After several gentle kicks and sweeps, we decided it qualified for more brutal beating. To our greater astonishment, the flask retained its structural integrity through the constant bouncing off the walls and ragged floor of the roof. It became kinda childish delight trying to experiment with this thing to assess its limits. Nothing we did, that wouldn’t attract the attention of those below, managed to break the damn flask!

In our thrill, we decided to name it the flask of eternity. This was a major breakthrough in non-academic activities that can be done in between lectures in such a place as JU. So, I carried the flask off the ground, walked to an area just behind the door of the roof, there to safekeep it for next rounds of joy. So, I dropped the flask to the ground just to have it splash into a multitude of tiny crystal shards.

In a sense, the Arabic crowds are similar to the Flask of eternity. Just when they thought we could take all sorts of humiliation, we burst in righteous fury.

The Flask of Eternity story is a real-life story.

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