Tales of Yore #5: Murky Grounds

It was a rainy Winter’s day at school. The earth was covered with what soon would be one of the main elements in our story, mud.

Omar decided it was the perfect weather to pick a fight with someone. The list of those capable of ambulating in such environmental conditions wasn’t really long. Omar’s choice of opponent was Saad. I’m not sure if I forgot the actual cause of the fight or simply that I haven’t ever get to know it but what I remember is watching Saad blaze down the corridors in pursuit of Omar. Omar’s flight led them downwards towards the GYM hall and the wilderness beyond. There, it seems that Saad has either caught up with Omar. Another possibility is that Omar has already planned for that place to be the arena in which to fight. On a second thought, the randomness and distractability of Omar makes it more probable that a “cool” looking piece of rock lying on the ground has caught his attention. The action part is the boring part. A dive to the ground, bodies twisting and shaking. The end result was a muddy silhouette of 2 males crawling back to the classrooms area at the end of the break.

The good part of the story is when the two of them were sent to Mr. Maher Mahfooz. Saad, on what can only be interpreted as a try to call onto the logic circuits in Mr. Maher’s brain, started to explain that the problem was only partly that he and Omar had a fight, which in a school isn’t a big deal, and majorly was the rain’s fault and that had the weather been a bit fairer that day, they wouldn’t have had to stand accused of any behavioral problems. The cute facial expressions on Saad’s face while presenting his arguments, added to the shock such a notion has caused to Mr. Maher, opted the later to go for the “Bellah 3alaik?” pathway.

The morale of the story:
1. Logic can and will cause serious damage when used uncloaked.
2. When engaging in melee combat in a muddy place, take off your clothes first.
3. When not able to abide by point #2, have the common sense of not showing up where other humanoids will be alarmed at your sight.

How stupid you have to be to boycott the election?

Sorry for the nonobjective title,

But really, every election, the Islamic Action Front(IAF) and other opposition parties boycott the election and every time the only thing that happens is they lose more seats and no practical gains at all!!! What is the point of boycotting? Is it a way to get an excuse for losing? Are they afraid if they actually run then they will lose anyway??

I remember similar thing happened in Iraq several years ago when the Sunni parties boycotted the election because they said it is not legitimate while the Shia parties didn’t boycott and guess what happened? the Shia won the majority of the seats and nobody cared that the Sunni boycotted. Same thing happens EVERY SINGLE election in Jordan. The funny thing, in Iraq the next election, the Sunni actually joined the election and they got a good share of the seats.I really hope those “opposition” parties learn from such events and stop being such an emo

On another note, everyone should vote EVEN if they thing it won’t make a difference because they think it is rigged. If you never vote, we can never know if it is really rigged or not AND we will never have good people in power. I hate it when i see the ratio of complaining to action stupidly high.

Did you vote?? why yes or why not? and do you think boycotting is helpful in any practical way?