Tales of Yore #4: Airy Room

This happened sometime in 11th grade. We had a “Thaqafeh 3ammeh” lecture right after a fine Summer break. Myself and Yanal were the first to enter the lecture room, the one in the languages circle right to your left if you’re coming from the cafeteria. So, the room was empty, still a few minutes left till everyone starts flocking in. As we’d entered the room, a cold breeze carressed us through the open windows. This refreshment instigated Yanal to stand still, spread his arms wide and cry out “AIRRRRRRRY”. “Airy” being an English word that means windy etc. What Yanal didn’t take note of was the fact that our teacher “Farooq” was right behind us. To teacher Farooq, the word “airy” had quite a different meaning. He grinned, held a hand up to his mouth and said “Yanal!”.

The best part was afterwards as I banged my head against my desk laughing at Yanal’s relentless attempts to explain the missunderstanding, continuing to spam the place with the same word over and over again.

6 thoughts on “Tales of Yore #4: Airy Room

  1. Priceless .. This should be made into an animated gif, that keeps playing and playing and playing in loops and loops

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    LOL, why it is always Yanal who get his ass kicked, and sometimes because of you.

    Name 3 situations where Yanal got his ass kicked because of me?!

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