Come find me room 1227

just got back to my room in Dublin, had a shower, and from the  fog on the shower glass door from the hot water, I saw a message written on the door upside down in a freakish way it says “Come find me room 1227”.

I got soo freaked out I’m spending the night at the lobby!

8 thoughts on “Come find me room 1227

  1. all the suspense in that message wasn’t enough to make you go.
    he/she didn’t ask for much, just find her like hide and seek. “komster le jame3” 😛
    anyway, next time put a cheer behind the door and sleep in your room, i’m not sure if your company will cover that but get chuck norris for protection.

  2. The freaky thing, is after I seriously freaked Out, and called The Hotel security
    2 things:

    1- There is No Room 1227 in the Hotel
    2- The hotel is brand new less than 3 weeks old, I was the first guy to stay in room 426.

    So either a worker wanted to mess with the first guy who moves in, or ..

    That was enough for me to stay my 3 hours in the lobby 🙂

  3. What if it wasn’t “1227”? what if it’s 2 numbers? “12” and “27”. You were staying in room “426” so the message might have meant that you should go to room number “27” on the same floor, which would be the one just next to you. The “12” might either be a date or a time.

    Ta5ta5 would’ve been proud of me.

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