Tales of Yore #1

I will be trying to keep these short and just aim to remind us of these small memories, trifle as they may be.

Since our history started at Jubilee school, it’d make sense to start with one of our first encounters there. In this one, I’ll break the “has a meaning” rule that Odin has enforced. I, nonetheless, find this one worthy of documenting.

I think it was our first day at summer camp, couple of months shy of the start of the 10th grade. I met Najeeb, delighted to have someone who I’m acquainted with, since we were in the same school for some years and in the same class in the 4th grade. I remember we were summoned to a meeting with Miss 3abla. She went on ranting a bit on how cool, smart and promising we were. Now, in that meeting, I had my first glimpse of people who would eventually be nothing less than the major influences in my life. I remember seeing Malek and Yanal just in front of myself and Najeeb. They seemed to have Chinese eyes and actually looked evil to me. Yanal had a tainted look in his eyes and I had expectations of him being the class devil. Omar and Yuri were also another couple who were linked together that day. I’m not sure if that was at the meeting but I remember telling my parents that we had a twin in our class when I got home that day. They looked so much alike to me that day. I can’t remember anyone else from that day. At that time I was still trying to avoid eye-contact with any girl whatsoever because I simply didn’t know the mechanism with which they functioned.

We were told that we’d be in class “D” for the summer camp, which as I’ve came later on to know, had a mixture of 9th and 10th graders. Anyone remembers if we had any classes that day?

Finally, bus assignments, returning home, we had mjaddara for lunch that day, which I, not proudly, remember being slightly surprised by because for some reason I thought I’d get something special for food.

And thus started the more meaningful chapters of Elune’s life.

I will try to tackle more meaningful stories next times. But this one had to be the first. Correct me when needed.

2 thoughts on “Tales of Yore #1

  1. I almost can never remember my first encounters. i fully blank on almost any first encounter.

    Not now, not then. i can’t think of any first encounters. i might be able to squeeze 2 or 3 if i try to remember hard. hmmmmmmmmmm, not really, maybe later.

    I can’t even remember my first day at jubilee, damn. feels weird the feeling that part of your life is doesn’t exist in ur memory.

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