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Saturday 2/8/2010 ,after going home from busy day in work, i found on twitter that everybody is taking about Rock band concert for “Die Toten Hosen” at 7:00 pm, it was 7:15 already and i don’t have a car. to be honest i didn’t have any idea who the hell are they and what are they going to sing, but between my choices which i prefer not to mention i decided to go.

I took a taxi to Al-Hussein culture center in “Ras Al-ain”, for some reasons in didn’t notice that it was in “Al-Hussein park theater”. after another taxi to the park , i reached the theater.I noticed the presence of security but not in stressful way, the ticket costs 3 JD which is very affordable,  I took my ticket and “spin fm” sticker, and headed to the entrance gate.

There was a rock music playing so i thought the concert has started, after all it was 8:00 pm and the concert starts at 7:00, but i found that the stage is empty , a group of guys under the stage are jumping and rolling their heads , 200-350 sitting on the theater waiting for the band. after finding a good seat and regretting  coming alone I thought about some people who would like to watch this concert but after calling  Elùne, it didn’t call anyone cause it is too late.

Suddenly “we will rock you” song was played and the audience started to react with the song, but they kept getting out of the beat, some were do clap clap dom , the other dom dom clap, and the guys under the stage still rolling their heads, I guess we need practice.

After 5 min the band entered the stage, everybody is screaming, light all over the place, a typical rock concert stared, they tried to speak some words in Arabic, it was some mixture between Arabic, English, and Dutch. but enough to excite the audience. they played a short song first in English, impressive as a start.

After a couple of songs and start singing in Dutch , i decides to go under the stage to experience Rock show rage. everybody were jumping , a lot of guys, some foreign girls and few local girls, although it was crowded enough to make you hit everyone around you by just standing in the middle, it was strange for me to find some girls in backless dresses, even for liberal people it was not the right dress for this event , i touched some places on there bodies without even trying and for the first moment it was disgusting according to the amount of sweat on there bodies.

I kept moving forward trying to reach the stage, it toked me almost 2 songs and i found that i know more than 5 different guys in the crowed, after reaching the stage and avoiding the guys who keep push each others in circles, i tried to take some photos on my phone, stage lights din’td help nor the moving crowed.

guys kept jump on the stage and jumping back on crowed, at the beginning  the guys where slim and light and easy to left , but after a while fat guys started to jump and to make it worse they took off their tops. all i know is big fat swilling guy was jumping on my way , the only thing i thought about is to cover my head and try to avoid him, after a dozen of fat guys , everybody did the same , one of them jumped to find him self hitting the ground. security intervened to reduce jumping, it was more like a swimming pool more than a stage.

after standing next to sage for a while i knew i’m not going to get anything except pain, headache, and swilling cocktail on my t-shirt,so i went back to my seat, i met another friend, and i seated with him.

nobody was singing with the band besides Ditch people, i though i was the only one who don’t know the songs but i found few locals know some songs, at least the English song. everyone else was there to cream, jump, push each other and jump from the stage. as Elùne said to me later, we have hunger for rock music, if we played  “my immortal” in a concert people still will start rolling their heads and jump. again, we need practice.

They finished at 10:00 giving us almost 1:45 concert, after talking to my friend, i left the theater.

in the end i found that i did almost everything the crowed was doing , jumping, pushing, screaming, to a band i knew a bout it 30 min ago. this not my first rock show I’ve been to, but my first real rock band, , my idea about rock shows now more like a rolling coaster than a concert.

3 thoughts on “Rockn Amman

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. thumbs up. i wonder why elune didn’t come? or even malik?

    i keep arguing with myself “if i was there, would i go?” i can’t arrive to an answer. i might, and i might not. i will decide when i have to.

    Thanks for the share, ODIN, STAY WITH US PLEASE

  2. Wait, people were already headrocking and jumping before there was any music playing at all?!

    Just to think that so many people would attend a concert by some band that they have absolutely no idea about, not even the genre of music it plays is baffling. I can tell from my personal experience at college that the percentage of people who listen to foreign music is less than 5%, even less those who listen to things other than pop and R&B and the stupid songs that top the charts (which again are R&B). The chances that people there were enjoying the music itself is minimal. But again, I think if I were to attend a concert myself, I would be looking for more than just music there.

    I told 3ala2 we should start arranging regular concerts, make up cool imaginary band names and just put 4 people with instruments on stage with music being played from a small little stereo. There will be the same huge crowd attending, jumping and twisting and shaking violently to a music, which by defintion cannot be danced to.

    I’m not sure if something such as musical education exists, but people here surely need to work on it.

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