Help Me Remember You

I know this idea has been elaborately discussed, at first with great enthusiasm, and gradually with just a hint of dreaminess, but I want to give it one (first) try.

We’ve always talked about documenting those finer and more wunderbar moments in our life in some written form. I’m thinking of starting this here on JordanMafia. I will try to write about one of these moments on weekly basis. If you want to contribute then be my guest. If anyone doesn’t want to be the target of my mocking and ridicule then please inform me in advance. I’m most sure that in our life together, everyone of us was the target of the horde’s joyride.

Even more, I was hoping to use illustrations (pics mainly) of the more recent events. I remember Jordanmafia used to have a photo gallery. Is it still around? I will be checking.

13 thoughts on “Help Me Remember You

  1. I don’t prefer using really names, nicknames as shown on the blog is fine, also as long as it has a meaning it is fine , we don’t wont it to be a comedy show about our life.
    I prefer to write it and post it hidden first, and take the OK for it.

  2. “As long as it has a meaning”?

    You’re making it harder for me to be Pleasant Elune.
    Anyway, I will choose those stories that don’t include you. Ye, must be a better solution. If anyone doesn’t want to be written about then just let me know and I will just ignore the stories where they feature or just drop their roles in them. Afterall, I can narrate tens of stories that are solo performances by Malek, and I don’t give a dingo’s kidney about his privacy

  3. lol @ I.T =D

    The idea is fine by me. The photo gallery is not added yet. But it shall be as soon as possible. And possible in this context is Severus related.

  4. well i dont mind being mentioned as long as there are no photos, and the no real names is a good rule since its gonna be out in the public, i dont think i’ll be in alot of stories anyway.

  5. I am confused. so you want something like the story when tamim was pushed towards the metal bar?

    you just want to put down memories? and events that happened with us, or the discussions we had?

  6. Haytham! do you have the authority to alter the design of the website? we need “you are logged in as ” at the top or something, the only thing that confirms that im logged in is this thing above the comment box.

  7. Xzeer, look at the link to the right where you log in from, if it says log in, then you are not =) I am not sure if I can do anything about it, but I will search for that.

  8. Ye, Saad, I didn’t actually have the convos in mind but if I remember ones where someone sounded extra stupid then I’ll talk about them. The Tamimi thingy is a classic that I was hoping would never fade out from our memories so there is no need for it to be documented

  9. Btw, people having problem with this:
    – 3ala2, won’t feature whatsoever.
    – Rashed, No real name usage (I know, I’m irony incarnate)

    State your preferences pretty fast please, waiting so I can start with the series.

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