Now That We’re Back Online

I think we should decide (not sure who’re we) where we want this thingy to go. I’m not sure if this is the actual purpose but the first time this blog was started it was only a method through which we could still get in touch with each other, not only news-wise but also on an intellectual level. I remember abandoning this blog some long time ago due to the fact that it started getting crammed with game previews, movie previews, youtube links, leaks etc. I’m almighty sure that there was a good reason for those topics to be tackled in the posts here but it just was a bit unnerving.

Now, if those reasons stand still then can someone explain them to me. If it’s just the traffic for adds thingy then we can create (,can we?) another parallel blog where bait-posts can be posted and keep these ones for perosnal use only.

In any ways, good to have a place where I can unload some of the screaming inside of my head.

Welcome back all!

14 thoughts on “Now That We’re Back Online

  1. So we ended with your post 1 years ago, and we start with your Post again 🙂
    Live giver and taker 🙂

    about your question, we did such post to get traffic so I get Money via Ads, thats not the case anymore, So we can keep the blog personal and about us 🙂

  2. Severus,

    That actually was Sad’s post, but it seems that you assigned it to Elune by mistake. Anyways, send me the FTP access as soon as you can; I need to change a couple of things in the website.

    And btw guys, I have added the “about [author]” feature to the blog. More to come soon.

    As a comment on Elune’s post, I will not post on the mafia, but I shall comment actively and administrate the space, until Severus is done with the mission we assigned him; acquiring google and merging it with the mafia blog.

  3. Hey,
    I actually liked some of the personal reviews. i did them because i really wanted to voice my view about some games/movies. I am still planning to do that if i felt strongly about a game or a movie. i like to read meaningful reviews about things i care about, and i would like to give back the same service i seek.

    Haitham, why are you not going to post here? because you wanna focus on your aerie??

  4. It makes sense that Haitham keeps posting on his personal blog. However, wasn’t there some way to link the 2 blogs together in such a way that it shows here when he posts something there so we can keep interacting with contents in the Aerie?

    Saad, personal reviews are ok. Actually, they’re more than just ok. Who better to get reviews about games than those that have somewhat the same disposition to gaming experience as oneself. But I’m 100% sure many of the reviews we had were not made by you and there were many youtube links that were of no interest to any of us. And now that I’ve talked about the topics I hated, I feel obliged to ask if the Band-of-the-Week posts were in any way bothersome to any of you. I do wish to resume posting them but I now have a similar thing going on facebook so it won’t be that troublesome for me to spare the readers of Jordanmafia from that nonsense.

    Soso, get us a Starcraft/Warcraft theme as one of those that we will get to vote on.

    Finally, I think this time around on the Jordanmafia, I will have a more pleasant e-personality. Go for thrashing, come for pleasant.

    I love you all.

  5. Ah, and Soso/Severus, is there any way through which I can post stuff here that only those with Jordanmafia legitimate accounts can read them? As I wrote this it occured to me that using emails is much better, but again is this a possibility?

  6. Ok, to make a post seen only by members, while writing your post or editing it, there is a box to the right named “Publish”. In this box there is the “Visibility” option, change it to private for a certain post, and only logged on members will be able to see it.

  7. I vote that we take the blog to private mode, and only logged accounts can view/read/comment, unless you care about the public ?

  8. well making it too private will deny us the fun of outsiders’ comments, remember the crazy ppl in the vampire post? keep it public but stay away from those jordan blog communities if you want.

  9. Actually, I prefer if people who do not possess accounts here can view our posts. It’s always a pleasure pointing out to people just how stupid they are.

  10. I am with Elune, public AND jordan blogs communities should be allowed to see our posts.

    i don;’t think i will use this post as mainly connecting with you guys. i prefer to use it to express opinion about stuff and read feedback about those opinions.

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