Jubilee Graduates Soccer Tournament

There will be a soccer contest amongst teams from the different classes that have graduated from Jubilee School. For some reason it’s not gonna happen at Jubilee school. I really would like us to join but I’m not sure if we can muster 8 people in the given time. What is the possibility that we can get Yanal and 7neiti to leave whatever the hell they have at hand and come join us on that day?

Whatever happens, it’s very unlikely that we’ll lose 1-1 again, ye?


Help Me Remember You

I know this idea has been elaborately discussed, at first with great enthusiasm, and gradually with just a hint of dreaminess, but I want to give it one (first) try.

We’ve always talked about documenting those finer and more wunderbar moments in our life in some written form. I’m thinking of starting this here on JordanMafia. I will try to write about one of these moments on weekly basis. If you want to contribute then be my guest. If anyone doesn’t want to be the target of my mocking and ridicule then please inform me in advance. I’m most sure that in our life together, everyone of us was the target of the horde’s joyride.

Even more, I was hoping to use illustrations (pics mainly) of the more recent events. I remember Jordanmafia used to have a photo gallery. Is it still around? I will be checking.

Now That We’re Back Online

I think we should decide (not sure who’re we) where we want this thingy to go. I’m not sure if this is the actual purpose but the first time this blog was started it was only a method through which we could still get in touch with each other, not only news-wise but also on an intellectual level. I remember abandoning this blog some long time ago due to the fact that it started getting crammed with game previews, movie previews, youtube links, leaks etc. I’m almighty sure that there was a good reason for those topics to be tackled in the posts here but it just was a bit unnerving.

Now, if those reasons stand still then can someone explain them to me. If it’s just the traffic for adds thingy then we can create (,can we?) another parallel blog where bait-posts can be posted and keep these ones for perosnal use only.

In any ways, good to have a place where I can unload some of the screaming inside of my head.

Welcome back all!