9 thoughts on “Jordanian Version of World of Warcraft – In Mafraq – Jordan – Live Acting

  1. What a day! I will remember it all my life, good job all, and logistics depatrment please next time pay more money so we can buy bigger bot.

  2. […] These are the Chronicles of the Survivors, the remains of Class 2004 of Jubilee School and some of their friends, a few shattered Souls who are still out there for some unfinished business, they share what they like, what they don t … Originally posted here: Jordanian Version of World of Warcraft – In Mafraq – Jordan – Live … […]

  3. loool ebreeg el shay aham eshe bel vid ! and yea i say lets bust SeverO’s balls to get him to sponser some more movies like this 😉

  4. bas 3ala2 3ash 2l dor ma3 2l nightmare ya3nee m3areg etc shaklo 2l shabab dalat tel7ag wara 7ata 5alato ye3ra2 hal 2d hehehe.

  5. man professionally done, u can make allot of professional stuff like this.
    However one major problem: pissing at the grave is haram. I know the graves are fake but still grave has respect in islam and all religions

  6. bring back the movie plz :(((, and this comic is to test whether people still check the mafia or not 😛

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