Illusions — Sub7an Allah

Found these two great illusions.

The first one is taken from this site

look at the dot till the countdown finishes, and keep looking there without blinking. you will see the picture in color even though it is black and white, AMAZING. if you blinked or moved ur eye u will see it is black and white
color illusion

This one is from youtube, it is cool as well
a little bit long, but at least watch it for a minute, then look around, things will look weird and amazing

some people might see these illusions as a weakness of our senses or a defect. I consider these illusions as a proof of how good our senses are. The reason why we see these illusions, because our senses is adapted to real situations, so all these illusions, is actually an extra steps our senses do to make us see things more clearly in real life. we are fooled by these illusions, because we, the people, have noticed our adaptation of real life, then we created an artificial situation, like the youtube video, which utilizes this adaptation in our eyes, and but since it is not real life it ends up to be an illusion. In real life, these adaptations make us see stuff clearer.

ok, i started to repeat myself. in summary, these illusions occur because our senses are sooooo good at they are supposed to do (see things IN REAL LIFE) so even in this artificial 1 minute situation, it was still able to adapt, but since it is artificial situation, it gave artificial (illusion) results. that’s why i added sub7an Allah at the title.

p.s: You can easily see how good is the first illusion for real life. being able to see color with no color? AWESOME

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3 thoughts on “Illusions — Sub7an Allah

  1. dude, are u sure its real ? and there is not a colored frame in that ? a very fast colored frame ?

  2. i take what i said back.. that was freaky
    i used a frame extractor .. and extracted all frames from the animated pic, and i didnt find any colored one

  3. yea i thought there is a colored frame somewhere, but the timeline of it doesnt fit, so yea its freaky!

    thanx for sharing!

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