Pirate Bay purchased by gaming giant, closing tracker

As I sat down this morning to begin working on a few small news items, Torrent Freak had dropped a bomb on my RSS: the Pirate Bay has been sold for just under $8 million US.

Swedish gaming giant Global Gaming Factory X will become the new owners, and The Pirate Bay as you and I know it will change forever. A necessary evolutionary step, according to Peter Sunde (brokep).

“We’ve been working on this project for many years. It’s time to invite more people into the project, in a way that is secure and safe for everybody. We need that, or the site will die. And letting TPB die is the last thing that is allowed to happen!”

Why would a legitimate company want to purchase TPB? For starters, it’s one of the top 100 most visited sites on the internet. While I’m not in the habit of referring to $8 million purchases as a bargain, it’s hard to imagine being able to pick up any of the other 99 sites on the list for that kind of money.

It’s also the most widely recognized P2P site around, and its fans and foundations could very well provide the groundwork for, say, a Steam-like distribution system. GGF CEO Hans Pandeya has also stated “[GGF] would like to introduce models which entail that content providers and copyright owners get paid for content that is downloaded via the site.”

Sunde assures users that the move isn’t going to kill the site. Surely GGF wouldn’t have spent the money to acquire TPB if they just wanted to let the site fade away into oblivion – which it may well have done at some point anyway if the lawsuits continued. He offered the following:

If the new owners will screw around with the site, nobody will keep using it. That’s the biggest insurance one can have that the site will be run in the way that we all want to.
If you’re a TPB fan and user, here’s hoping Sunde is right.

Back to the current TPB state of affairs: Sunde has also informed Torrent Freak that TPB will decentralize its operations. They will no longer run a tracker, and existing torrents will be removed. Instead, torrents will be hosted remotely and accessed via an API and the workload will be shared by multiple servers.

This hasn’t been announced on the TPB blog yet, and there’s no time table other than “soon.” With more than half of the torrents on the net connected to TPB’s servers, this could have massive implications for the P2P ecosystem.

Or the transition could be smooth as silk.

After all, we never know what the crew of The Pirate Bay have up their sleeves.

Khadijah A Homeless girl is going to Harvard


Around here, Khadijah is known as “Harvard girl,” the “smart girl” and the girl with the contagious smile who landed at Jefferson High School only 18 months ago.

What students don’t know is that she is also a homeless girl.

As long as she can remember, Khadijah has floated from shelters to motels to armories along the West Coast with her mother. She has attended 12 schools in 12 years; lived out of garbage bags among pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers. Every morning, she upheld her dignity, making sure she didn’t smell or look disheveled.

On the streets, she learned how to hunt for their next meal, plot the next bus route and help choose a secure place to sleep — survival skills she applied with passion to her education.

Only a few mentors and Harvard officials know her background. She never wanted other students to know her secret — not until her plane left for the East Coast hours after her Friday evening graduation.

“I was so proud of being smart I never wanted people to say, ‘You got the easy way out because you’re homeless,’ ” she said. “I never saw it as an excuse


Dexter Season 4 Teaser Poster


Showtime has apparently released a new teaser poster advertisement promoting the fourth season of Dexter. Check out the full poster after the jump.

Dexter Season 4 Teaser Poster

The poster plays off of the obvious new addition to Dexter and Rita’s family, with a clever bib tagline “MY DAD IS KILLER”. That’s probably just tomato sauce, right? Production began earlier this month with John Lithgow and Courtney Ford joining the cast. The new season introduces the Trinity Killer (who got his name becuase he kills in threes) who moved to Miami after evading capture for almost three decades. The season premiere on September 27th 2009 seems so very far away.

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افضل مطاعم عمان مصنفة حسب الطلب

افضل مطاعم عمان مصنفة حسب الطلب:

افضل ساندويش حلوم – الذواق – جبل عمان

افضل ساندويش شاورما لحمة – ريم – جبل عمان

افضل ساندويش شاورما دجاج – عربي فرنجيشارع مكه

افضل ساندويش سنيورة مع لبنة – صباحو – الصويفية

افضل ساندويش صاج فاهيتا مع جبنة – لبناني سناك – الصويفية

افضل ساندويش تيركي – بيي – جبل عمان

افضل ساندويش بسطرمة – سناك 22 – وسط البلد

افضل ساندويش صاج نيوتيلا – فيتامين – مجمع جبر

افضل ساندويش فلافل – العربي – الدوار السابع – خلف السي تاون

افضل ساندويش فلافل سوبر – درع الفارس – جبل الحسين

افضل ساندويش هوت دوغ – فرانكفورتر – عبدون

افضل ساندويش فلي تشيز ستيك – تشلي هاوس – ضاحية الحسين

افضل ساندويش هامبرغر – فدركرز – شارع مكة

افضل ساندويش كبدة – حاجو – شارع الجاردنز

افضل ساندويش بيض اوملت – بيك هاوس – جبل عمان

افضل صحن حمص – هاشم – وسط البلد

افضل صحن حمص مع شاورما الدجاج – عبود – شارع الجاردنز

افضل صحن فول – السنبلة – الوحدات (يقوم بتقديم 100 صحن فول فقط يوميا و يفتح لمدة ساعتين من السادسة صباحا حتى الثامنة صباحا)

افضل حبة فلافل – القدس – جبل عمان

افضل بطاطا مقلية – بطاطا – جبل عمان

افضل بطاطا مشوية – سفين – الجامعة الاردنية

افضل بطاطا ودجيز – سفين – الجامعة الاردنية

افضل عرايس لحمة – نصار – شارع المدينة المنورة

افضل مشاوي لحمة – الاتكال على الله – الوحدات

افضل مشاوي شيش طاووق – الهناء – دوار الكيلو

افضل دجاج مشوي – انوار مكة – الرابية

افضل سمك مشوي – ابو سارة – وسط البلد

افضل كبة نية – كبابجي – شارع مكة

افضل مناقيش زعتر – ابو خميس – الصويفية

افضل مناقيش لحمة مع كشكوان – صباحو – الصويفية

افضل خبز كعك مع بيض مشوي – صلاح الدين – العبدلي

افضل منسف – القدس – وسط البلد

افضل طبق مندي – باب اليمن – الجامعة الاردنية

افضل صحن كنافة ناعمة – السهل الاخضر – الرابية

افضل صحن كنافة خشنة – حبيبة – وسط البلد – جانب البنك العربي

افضل صحن كنافة بين نارين – عرفات – دوار الواحة

افضل صحن حلاوة الجبن – النواعير – جبل الحسين

افضل بان كيك – بيك هاوس – جبل عمان

افضل شيز كيك – KFC

افضل شوكلت موس – فرندز – مجمع جبر

افضل براونيز – فرايداي – سيتي مول

افضل ايس كريم ماكنة – غازي – جبل الحسين

افضل ايس كريم عادي – جرار – دوار عبدون

افضل ملك شيك – جرار – دوار عبدون

افضل فراباتشينو – فليفرز – عبدون مول

افضل هوت شوكلت – سكند كب – شارع السفارة الامريكية

افضل قهوة اسبرسو – فايف سنسز – عبدون مول

افضل عصير افوكادو – فيتامين – الصويفية

افضل كوكتيل شقف – لبناني سناك – شميساني

افضل كوكتيل عادي – لا يوجد

افضل عصير برتقال – مرطبات فلسطين – وسط البلد

افضل عصير تفاح – مرطبات فلسطين – وسط البلد

افضل ارجيلة تفاحتين – المواردي – الرابية

افضل ارجيله عنب – النعماني – مجمع جبر

افضل ارجيلة ليمون – تشيه تشيه – شارع مكة

افضل ارجيله زغلول – بلاط الرشيد – وسط البلد

افضل ارجيلة شمام – فيزا في – عبدون

افضل ارجيلة فخفخينا – خان مرجان – دير الغبار

10 years old Colby died 7 hours after watching UP The Movie : Pixar Grants Dying Girl Her Final Wish


The folks at Pixar helped a dying girl fulfill her final wish when one of their employees hand delivered a DVD of the film Up to the family’s residence for a private screening.

10-year-old Colby Curtin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in December 2005, and ever since she saw a preview for Up, she’d been excited for the poignant film about a man who goes on an adventure after the loss of his wife by tying balloons to his house and flying away.

After the family had made a request that was never fulfilled for a wheelchair to take Colby to the theaters, a family friend began frantically calling Pixar as Colby’s health dramatically worsened.

Finally the friend got through the automated messaging system by guessing a name. Pixar immediately sent out an employee to the girl’s home in Huntington Beach armed with a DVD of the film and a gift basket of toys. The family sat around to a private screening.

Colby had difficulty keeping her eyes open through the film because of the pain she was in, so her mother narrated it to her.

Colby died 7 hours later and we hope her final moments were that much more comfortable for having her final wish granted!

Rest in peace, little angel.

الفرق بين المسلمين وبين اليهود بالأرقام

حقائق وأرقام

ه# تعداد اليهود في العالم 14 مليون نسمة.
· 7 ملايين في أمريكا.
· 5 ملايين في آسيا.
· 2 مليون في أوروبا.
· 100 ألف في أفريقيا.

ه# تعداد المسلمين في العالم 1.5 مليار نسمة.

· 6 ملايين في أمريكا.
· 1 مليار في آسيا والشرق الأوسط.
· 44 مليون في أوروبا.
· 400 مليون في أفريقيا.
# خُمس سكان العالم مسلمون.
# لكل هندوسي واحد، هناك مسلمين اثنين في العالم.
# لكل بوذي واحد، هناك مسلمين اثنين في العالم.
# لكل يهودي واحد، هناك 107 مسلم في العالم.

ومع ذلك، فـ 14 مليون يهودي هم أقوى من مليار ونصف مسلم…. لماذا؟
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Jimmy Carter (Ex-president of the US) is distressed by Gaza visit

This is a news piece from BBC. i publishing it here to point out some of the few but important voices that usually stand against Israeli policy.
I liked this sentence from the news
“He (Jimm Carter) said the school had been “deliberately destroyed by bombs from F-16s made in my country and delivered to the Israelis”. ”

Jimmy Carter is one of the very few who advocates talks with Hamas, and he wrote several books about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict including the one i “heard”(through audio book) “Palestine, peace not apartheid”. A very nice book.

for more info about him, here is a wikipedia of Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter

This is the news taken from BBC
News from BBC

Carter ‘distressed’ by Gaza visit
Jimmy Carter in Gaza, 16.06.09

Former US President Jimmy Carter has said he had to “hold back tears” while viewing destruction on a visit to Gaza.
He is due to meet leaders from Hamas, which controls Gaza but is considered a terrorist group by western countries.
The veteran politician is expected to hand over a letter for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit from his family.
He condemned “deliberate” destruction in Israel’s January offensive, but also expressed sadness over Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli towns.
The former US president, who brokered the 1979 Israel-Egypt peace deal, has long advocated engagement with the militant Hamas movement as crucial for progress on peace.
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Saadism #3 — “Let’s do it” theory


This is more of an observation rather a theory. The phenomena I am talking about is when group of friends are together, and they see something fun on youtube or on tv or even just talk about it. Sometimes, in fact most of the times, the guys get excited about doing something similar to what they saw/discussed and they start saying, “Let’s do it” and “its easy, we can do that”.

Now from my observations around 96% of the times they never do it. Now i bet many has noticed this behavior as well, so let’s take it one more step and see why people do that in the first place.

Before i continue, you have to realize that all what i write here is from my own logic and reason, not based on facts unless clearly stated so. You are allowed to do the same in the comments section

Anyway, some may say those people like to lie just to get others excited, or to make the reputation that they r cool. i disagree with this statement, at least most of the time it is not true. I see that behavior in people who actually believe, in that moment, that they can do what they r saying they are going to do. The main flaw is that they can’t push themselves to actually do it later on. They decide to do it when they are in excited mood which increases motivation multiple folds, but after an hour or a day, this extra motivation dies, and usually no one pushes the group hard enough to instill the motivation to do that project.

The sad part is those people actually think that they will do the thing they are saying they will do. and usually the project is very doable, like it doesn’t need special skills or special equipment, usually it is simple stupid video or small sketch. The skill those people lack is the ability to anticipate motivation in different moods and different times. Meaning, the ability to accurately estimate the motivation you will have the next day even though currently you are in high motivational mood (excited). This is in no way as easy as it sounds. The proof that this is hard is that many many people don’t do it. When u are excited, things will sound easier than they are, and you will feel more energetic than you actually are.

Now i am reluctant in how to solve this phenomenon, do we solve it by sharpening our leadership and motivational skills so we can actually motivate the group after a day or so from deciding of doing the project, or should we correctly recognize that this project will take more work than we usually do and give up?

The second choice is definitely easier to do, and when you master it you start feeling that you actually know yourself by knowing your own limitations. Being able to see things in your own eyes but in a different mood is actually a very useful skill, because it is the same skill which can be used to see things from other people’s point of view (in our case the other people is yourself in a different mood, that qualifies as different people). In general, the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes is the skill you need for solution #2. Of course I don’t have to explain why being able to see yourself in other people’s shoes is important, right? Ok, it is important because first, you can avoid hurting people you care about, second you can be a good and fair judge. I won’t go into details in this

Another important example of this phenomenon: when you have a final test after 3 weeks, and if you didn’t study for 2 weeks or studied very minimally, let’s say 10%, then at the beginning of the third week (last one before the test) you feel guilty so you tell yourself, “if I studied hard for the next week, I can actually finish the material pretty well”. I BET YOU DID THAT AT ONE POINT AS WELL. Anyway, if we look at this logically, if someone didn’t do any work for 2 weeks, i bet my money that in the last week his work CAN only increase little bit but it can’t go from 10% to 150%. I recall my friends in the senior year of high school. ALMOST EVERYONE had that idea, including me, and ALMOST EVERYONE failed to successfully implement it. Think about it logically, if someone told you it took him 3 hours to read a book, if you to anticipate how long it will take him to read the next book, how much would you guess!

This is related to our theory because at the beginning of the last week, you feel extra motivation (guilty conscious) and at that point you fail to put urself in the (normal mood) shoes, so you think can you study hard for the next week, but as soon as this extra motivation goes away, you fail to do so.

Since we are talking about projects which we probably won’t do, let’s build our own foosball table when I come to Jordan. It should be relatively simple to do ( i don’t care if it wasn’t completely balanced). I am coming soon, I will try to make a draft of the design beforehand. I only need a volunteer to give away a space to use as a workshop, preferably with tools. If there is no space, we would do it at some roof.

That’s it, share your opinions

p.s: I am serious about the foosball project