Yahoo to acquire Maktoob

Sources have been telling me that Yahoo is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire, because the huge need for Yahoo for Arabic content, that’s a new low by Yahoo to go after Maktoob, specially after the Maktoob Business line, which is based on, when the traffic goes down, buy new forums and services that makes the traffic goes up again !!!

The question is what would Yahoo do with all of those forums, that a lot of them contains posts and links to pirated softwares and materials >?

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9 thoughts on “Yahoo to acquire Maktoob

  1. yahoo’s market capital is three times the Jordanian government’s annual budget. I say we should convince them to buy the whole country and convert it into a server farm!

  2. This been floating around for a while, first time I heard about this acquisition is more that 2 years old. I am not sure but I don’t think this is true, beside the all legal issues you mentioned, Maktoob have nothing unique to offer yahoo.

    Give me a couple of millions to buy 100’s of forums and few other sites that have nothing to talk but sex and sex and even more sex and I will create the NO.1 site in arab world.

  3. Maktoob very good brand …. and shame on u to say that
    just be like samih toukan in your work not in ur talk !!!
    and am broad to be maktoobian employee

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