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hey, this is a small post. I got a friend who is a computer graphics guy. here is his site. i just thought it is amazing. he is looking for job now, but inshallah he will find one

the other thing i would like to share with you is a small “montaj” of soccer shots taken by a friend of mine in my old university (i visited it for 5 days in the last week). that guy love photography so he has an expensive camera that takes good shots. here is the montaj
ok, i am uploading it on youtube, when it finishes, i will show it to you

i am there at time 0:11 and 3:03

i was there only for 5 days, played soccer once, and the pics are taken from at least 3 different occasions, and one of those occasions they were trying to get a nice action (fake) shots, like the almost double kick and the super high golakeeper catch ( you can know them from the noticing the background, it is same for all the amazing action shots)

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3 thoughts on “check these out

  1. well, he actually played after several minutes. that’s why he didn’t have many pics of me. and that’s why he doesn’t have pics of himself. we were unequal, so he waited till another guy showed up.

    and it is called selflessness, you should try it malik 😛

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