Israel admits it spied on US — Taken from BBC news

I thought this is interesting because we always thought that Israel and US have open relations, apparanetly not for Israel.

This news and other bring me to the question who i still don’t have a satisfying answer for: Why the US is allied with Israel? what the US gain of the alliance? I see what Israel gains, but i don’t see what the US gains. The only half an answer I can think of, is because the Jewish lobbies in US spressuring it to stay an ally, otherwise i can’t see any good reason.
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Here is the BBC news:
[b]Israel admits it spied on US[/b]
Jonathan Pollard with Israeli communications minister Limor Livnat who visited him in prison
Israel has officially acknowledged for the first time that an American Jew, Jonathan Pollard, who was arrested in the United States 13 years ago, was one of its spies.

Pollard, a former intelligence analyst for the United States navy, is serving a life sentence in North Carolina for passing classified military documents to Israel.
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Yahoo to acquire Maktoob

Sources have been telling me that Yahoo is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire, because the huge need for Yahoo for Arabic content, that’s a new low by Yahoo to go after Maktoob, specially after the Maktoob Business line, which is based on, when the traffic goes down, buy new forums and services that makes the traffic goes up again !!!

The question is what would Yahoo do with all of those forums, that a lot of them contains posts and links to pirated softwares and materials >?

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hey, this is a small post. I got a friend who is a computer graphics guy. here is his site. i just thought it is amazing. he is looking for job now, but inshallah he will find one

the other thing i would like to share with you is a small “montaj” of soccer shots taken by a friend of mine in my old university (i visited it for 5 days in the last week). that guy love photography so he has an expensive camera that takes good shots. here is the montaj
ok, i am uploading it on youtube, when it finishes, i will show it to you

i am there at time 0:11 and 3:03

i was there only for 5 days, played soccer once, and the pics are taken from at least 3 different occasions, and one of those occasions they were trying to get a nice action (fake) shots, like the almost double kick and the super high golakeeper catch ( you can know them from the noticing the background, it is same for all the amazing action shots)

Saadism#1 — The Sheep effect

Hello, it has been a while.

anyway, i have this theory which i believe in. and i am sure it has a real name, but i named it the sheep effect. about the saadism, while i was visting my undergrad friends, one of them said i have too many “ways of life” and theories so he came up with this way of life, the saadism. the guy next to him became my first follower 😀 a saadist .

anyway, the sheep effect. it is basically when people in group, not neccessarily know each other. if someone in this group, or a several persons in that group did something obvious. others will follow blindly.

Examples. when people are waiting to cross a street. and the walking light is still red. BUT there is no cars around. you will see people who want to be a law abiding people who are waiting for the walking lights to become green. NOW, if one guy crossed the street in that situation, most if not all the others will just follow him. sometimes the first person who moved is the only one should’ve passed because there is a far car. but others don’t think. they just follow.

this can be extended to almost everything. now knowing this effect is very useful. i think this where a natural leader comes from. a guy who realize this effect and can utilize it for its own good. and that’s where initiativity comes in hand as well, which basically means being the first person to do the thing that others are not doing.

another useful example. when a relatively large group of people want to eat somewhere. there is always the dilemma of where to eat. most of the people say they don’t care. but this usually causes problems and confusion. all it takes one guy who “orders” the other to go to some restuarnt. and to make people moving, all you need is to start moving, and hopefully 1 or 2 with you. then all the others will start moving, even if they r preoccupied by a conversation or something else.

the last example included two things. the first part, is telling the others where the group will be eating (you can do this by declaring, “let’s go to macdonalds”, instead of saying, “should we go to macdonalds?”)
the other part which convey the sheep effect more clearly, is start walking with 1 or 2 persons, then all the others will follow, even some of them won’t even know where you are going, but will follow nonetheless. like sheeps.

as a side note, some people don’t like to be called sheeps, so don’t rub it in. just use it silently

and from this theory i came up with the question form idiom.

Are you the sheep, or the shepherd?
or in the other form
BE the shepherd, NOT the sheep

this idiom is another wording for “be initiative”

البحث الجنائي يلقي القبض على فني كهرباء انتحل شخصية طبيب نسائية طوال شهرين في مستشفى الجامعة !!

كشفت مصادر أمنية من أنها ألقت القبض على أحد الأشخاص بتهمة انتحال صفة طبيب نسائية بقصد التحرش الجنسي و مازال موقوفاً على ذمة التحقيق .
و قد ذكرت المصادر بأن المدعو (م . ن) والذي يعمل فني كهرباء في شركة خدمات متعاقدة مع مستشفى الجامعة  قد أوقف بتهمة انتحال صفة طبيب اختصاصي نسائية، وقد كان المذكور يقوم بالكشف على المراجعات في قسم الطوارئ لمدة شهرين كاملين ودون افتضاح أمره!!
وأضافت المصادر بأن المتهم كان يقوم بجولات تفقدية للمريضات المقيمات في المستشفى بوصفه طبيباً ، حتى وصلت معلومات لإدارة المستشفى من قبل رجال أمن الجامعة الذين شكوا في أمره تبعاً لتحركاته المريبة، حيث يحظى ذلك الشخص بقدر من الوسامة كانت تلفت الانتباه إليه وتحقق له فرصة من التعرف على النساء، ما دفع رجال الامن الخاص بالمستشفى من تكثيف المراقبة عليه لحين تأكدهم بأنه ليس من الكوادر الطبية في المستشفى، وكانت المفاجأة الصاعقة بأنه فني كهرباء يعمل لحساب إحدى الشركات المتخصصة بأعمال الكهرباء لدى المستشفى، وأبلغوا بدورهم الجهات المختصة  هناك، ليصار إلى تبليغ شرطة شمال العاصمة التي استطاع رجال البحث الجنائي فيها من إلقاء القبض عليه وإخضاعه للتحقيق

Meet Your Meat : Animal Cruelty

Life on the farm isn’t what it used to be. The green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes portrayed in children’s books have been replaced by windowless sheds, tiny crates, wire cages, and other confinement systems integral to what is now known as “factory farming.”

Today the majority of farmed animals are:

* confined to the point that they can barely move,
* denied veterinary care,
* mutilated without painkillers,
* and finally slaughtered — often while fully conscious.

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