10 of Starcraft’s ‘Pimpest Plays’


No I did not come up with the term “Pimpest Play,” a bunch of nerds did who thought they were being cool. In any case, if you’re a Starcraft fan, you have to appreciate the skill and strategic direction that goes into executing all of these epic plays.

Some have English commentary, some are in Korean, but I tried to pick only short clips, so you won’t have to watch any full twenty minute games.

1) Boxer’s Paratrooper Rush

You’re going to see Boxer on this list a lot. He’s known for outside the box thinking, and the some of his wins are pulled off in ways that no one’s ever even considered before, even a billion plus games of Starcraft worldwide.

2) Nada’s Vulture Rape

Yeah that title’s maybe a little too descriptive, especially since all the vulture pilots look like sex offenders already, but what else can you call 10 vultures owning 12 tanks?

3) July’s Eye for an Eye

Nada may be dominant force in the pro Starcraft arena, but sometimes his pride gets the better of him. Such is the case with his SCV bunker rush against July.

4) Boxer’s Nuke Rush

Probably the best use of nukes I’ve seen in a pro Starcraft game. Really, truly inspired.

5) Bisu’s Ultimate Proxy

That sneaky bastard…

6) Reach’s Mass Malestrom

Don’t believe that they consider Starcraft in Korea as an actual sport? Listen to the girls scream when the Devourers get owned.

7) Hwasin’s Marine Dodge

The lone survivor has a mission to complete, destroy the last evolution chamber, all the while dodging lurker spines. Who knew marines were so light on their feet?

8 ) Boxer’s Triple Play

It’s crazy hard to effectively manage one successful assault, but three simultaneously? Well, it’s Boxer, so you know. Listen to the announcers going nuts.

9) Rare’s Grand Theft Carrier

His opponent should have recruited some more strong willed Carrier pilots, because his entire army defects in a matter of seconds.

10) Nal_rA’s Arbiter Reloaded

I think that hallucination isn’t used nearly enough, and this game proves me point. His opponent really never had a chance to spot the real ones and prevent the drop.

Send me any more you’ve got.

Source www.unrealitymag.com

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4 thoughts on “10 of Starcraft’s ‘Pimpest Plays’

  1. inshallah starcraft 2 will be awesome. in the last battle report they were mentioning of a new missile just added, so it seems they r still adding stuff. hopefully it will be a game we play for long time.

    but those tactics are really nice. they play on a different level than what we used to. but again we were young when we used to play that.i don’t recall playing it without a truce. so we never had a rush in starcraft, only high tech fights

  2. me too, I did not know it! =0 and yes even in RA2 we never played a rush game! wo 2nsha2 Allah Starcraft 2 will be great =) it will be the game for quit sometime 2nsha2 Allah!

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