Media manipulation

Found this interesting news with a very intriguing headline
article taken from BBC from here
I have quoted the word playing those used

Praying Pilot jailed for Sicily air crash

An Italian court has jailed a Tunisian pilot who paused to pray instead of taking emergency measures before ditching his plane, killing 16 people.

so you apparently he actually left the plan on auto pilot, and i thought, well, that’s wrong, then read the following excerpt

Prosecutors say that after both the plane’s engines cut out, the pilot succumbed to panic, praying out loud instead of following emergency procedures and then opting to crash-land in the Mediterranean instead of trying to reach the nearest airport.

in the previous excerpt they actually tell the story. Apparently the maintenance has put a wrong fuel gauge which caused the plane to UNDER FUEL, so it ran of fuel mid air. the thing is the pilot was praying AFTER THE ENGINES GAVE OUT. I still think he should be blamed for panicking, but he didn’t ditch his piloting for prayer, and apparently it was vocal prayer, not the normal prayer. the headline was really misleading.

to clear my myself, the headline inside the article doesn’t have the word “praying” in it, but on the “latest headlines” in firefox tab menu it has the word “praying” in it. that what got me to the story.

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One thought on “Media manipulation

  1. yes they do that to attract more readers ..and guess what, when the reader finishes the article would he remember if he was praying or not, he would remember the headline !!! and would consider it the truth !!!!

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