Watchmen Tour with Malin Akerman

I just got back from the Movies, after watching Watchmen, Amazing Movie … One of 2009 Best so far, but as usual, XZeeR didnt like it, maybe because he is no comic book-guy, or maybe because he have some small funny parts!! we will never know !!!

If you didnt see the movie, will you should, if you like super heroes, you should go and see it, amazing amazing , and great adaption to the Alan Moore comic ,

What do you do if you live with the actress who plays Silk Spectre in the movie ?? Charge nerds hundreds of dollars to watch her sleep ..

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5 thoughts on “Watchmen Tour with Malin Akerman

  1. man , i dont need to be a comic hater or a having a small private parts to hate this movie, its as boring and pointless as Max payne was. too much running around and too much pointless scenes that are there to increase the movie’s playtime ONLY .

    and frankly i didnt feel any presence of any character except the comedian , even roarshack-spelling- and Dr.Manhattan were dull and their ” development ” were a childish one.

    so far ” Max payne, Watchmen,The hulk with edward norton ” are the top 3 most boring movies i have ever seen respectively .and thats counting the cheap teen movies + arabic movies.

  2. i am planning on watching this movie. it got above 8/10 n IMDB, that is ALOT. and all the links for it online is being reported and taken down. i guess i will go to the movies for this one, or wait a little more.

  3. trust me slvador, u dont want to see this boring piece of film, boring story + boring actors + some really lame quotes.
    unless u want to see that ugly chick naked , i suggest u dont .

  4. Saad, ensa XZeeR, he is having problems
    if you liked the Hulk, or Spiderman, you are gonna love this one!!
    seriously mazing movie , you will like it if not love it man
    just give it a try

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