QuakeLive hits open beta

In case you were a little disappointed that we didn’t score any invites for you the last time QuakeLive appeared on Downloadsquad (apart from those generously donated by reader Rocketfactor), I’ve got some good news for you.

ID Software is ready to open up the beta to the public. No more codes, no more waiting. Just get yourself over to Quakelive.com tomorrow and register.

The site will re-open Tuesday night (February 24th, 2009) following a 36-hour maintenance period today, during which there will be a purge of idle accounts. Stats will also be wiped, though current players will retain their other user data (name, customizations, profile information).

As long as things go as planned, you can expect the doors to be blown wide open as soon as the counter in the corner hits zero.

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One thought on “QuakeLive hits open beta

  1. i played it today, it takes a while to get to the game because they only allow a certain number of people play in the same time…but it is cool. It is the same as Quake 3, more or less.

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