Quake Live public beta opens next week

Having being in the closed beta stages for months, the gaming masses will finally be able to get in on the Quake Live action on February 24 when the beta goes public.

According to the official site, public beta registrations will open this Tuesday in what is likely to be a significant server stress test. Players will be able to experience frantic gameplay in over 30 maps, participating in classic game modes such as Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag.

id Software announced Quake Live (formerly Quake Zero) back in 2007 as the free, web browser based equivalent of Quake III. Live retains the same image, feel and precision that has made Quake III a popular online title throughout the past decade.

Although the game is only currently playable in Windows, John Carmack is keen to bring the browser based shooter to both OS X and Linux systems.

Those of you waiting for a taste of Quake Live don’t have to hold out much longer. The official site has announced that open beta registrations will start next Tuesday, February 24. The beta will likely stress test the servers, with the added benefit of generating word-of-mouth for id on their browser-based experiment. For those not familiar, Quake Live is a free, ad-supported version of Quake 3: Gold that runs in Web browsers. While many predict that future generations of gaming will be similarly downloaded and streamed through the magic of the Interwebs, id is giving that theory a trial run with the title. This may be a look at what the future holds for PC gaming, so be prepared to try it for yourself next Tuesday.

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