Why become a terrorist? — the terrorism cycle


Before i write this post, i want to make a disclaimer that i do NOT in any way or method approve terrorism, this post is what i think is one of the main reasons why there are terrorists in this world.

I have been thinking about this lately, and the main reason i came up to is related to my previous post. The reason that their voices were never heard by anyone for so long that simply they took matters into their own hands.

How this relate to the previous post, well simply because “not talking to them” is to me seems the reason why they are increasing, and the irony that many countries think and uses that method to fight terrorism while it is simply the reason of creating more terrorism.

Think about this situation, you are in a classroom full of kids, and the kid behind you is bigger than you or same size and he keeps kicking you chair. You will get annoyed, so you will simply ask the teacher to stop that kid. Now if the teacher didn’t listen, you may withstand the annoyance a little bit more, especially if that kid is bigger than you. But then you may try asking the teacher again and again, but if she keeps refusing to help you or ignoring you, at the end you will snap and attack that kid yourself even if that will end up in you getting beaten up to just inflict a little bit of pain on that kid. Just like a bully, many when they snap will prefer to hit the bully a little bit and getting beating up, rather than keep getting small doses of beating up all the time. (This is exactly how I see Hamas and Israel).

Now think about the terrorists, first thing I need to make sure that people understand that terrorists are NOT stupid people who hate freedom and like to kill and destroy anything is good. Terrorists are PEOPLE who usually fight for their BELIEVES (of course i am talking about specific kind of terrorists like Bin Laden or other “terrorists” in Iraq or Afghanistan, not like the pirates of Somalia or anyone who did it for money)

Now terrorists before becoming terrorists, they are ordinary people, but then events like the Danish cartoons happen, now those people will get furious which is normal, and i guess all of you saw how furious those people got (The normal citizens). Now the people’s first reaction is demonstrations in the hope that their countries will tell the other country to “cut it out”. Now if their country didn’t listen they will still be pissed, but maybe they will calm down after a while since there is no real alternative. But when things like that keep happening, like the reposting of the cartoons, or pictures of abu graib surfacing, people will get angry again, and again they will try their governments. After a while people will lose hope of their country to stand up for them, and some of those angry people will naturally posses some leadership skills which is normal since many people are pissed, so at least some will have that skill. So this group will announce to people some way or another that they will be the alternative representative of them that will actually LISTEN to them and stand up for them instead of their ignoring official representatives. You can guess who that group is that provides the alternative.

That’s how a terrorist become a terrorist, and keep calling him a terrorist will simply worsen things, because it will only increase his anger and you may even anger other benign citizens who are furious in general, but not furious enough to join the group but in the same time not completely against this group. Calling them terrorists means looking down at them which will make them and other people more furious which will feed the cycle over and over.

That’s how i believe terrorist are produced. I thought about this mainly because almost ALWAYS whenever someone in America asks me whether my country like or dislike America or Israel, i ALWAYS has to say, “well, the government do that, but the people do something else.” this alone is very annoying, to always have to distinguish between the people and government like they are not representative of each other. This alone seems substantially wrong, there shouldn’t be that huge gap between these two parties, and eventually the gap will be big enough for a revolution to occur like we can see in some countries like Sudan or even Mauritania or even a little bit in Iraq and the Kurds.

P.s: I called terrorists terrorists in this post because i can’t think of another less biased word. but i am sure that terrorism, like almost everything else, is relative to the person, as the famous saying, one’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

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3 thoughts on “Why become a terrorist? — the terrorism cycle

  1. Part of my reply can be seen in the previous post =D we can not be for sure that these acts were really done by the people who we think they are! I have no evidence if that is true or not, so thinking about them is just a big waste of time! And they always lie and say after 80 years the secrets will be told! I mean after 80 years non will be alive so it does not even matter, that is if the truth is said.

    So this terrorist thingy I am afraid is the reason why USA keeps interfering with other countries, just like communism before! No proofs again, so it does not matter if we kept thinking for the coming 80 years about it.

    About the danish cartoons! What we did was two things, the commercial boycott (which was a very great and intelligent act) the second was threatening and destroying things which made it worst and pushed other people to make full movies about Quran our beloved prophet!

    We could have done other things rather than threatening, such as making a competition about Islam that is directed toward the public there, and am afraid that the rich Arabic countries are spending plenty of money on things that has no meaning such as importing the rejected (by Turkish themselves) TV programs, and for other many things!

    For these people Muslims and Islam is represented in a very bad picture, so they will not understand this!

    May be we could also publish a nice book and distributed for free about Islam and Mohammad (Allah prayers and peace be upon him)! The possibilities are endless! But we are stupid! Lets just think how the prophet would have acted if he was alive?

  2. I agree with you, if more people with leadership skills have initiated such organizations, maybe things won’t be as bad.

    I mentioned the cartoons incident as an example of unreleased frustration that builds up inside people

  3. I talked about it because am sad about what is happening, religious people (with no education in Islam such as a2mt almasajd) are cursing the west like they are not people who we should tell them about Islam!

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