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Since it has been a while since a post came up, i thought to stir things up by a discussion post.

Recently i have been seeing the leaders of big countries more and more like kindergarten kids. The first example that comes to me is Bush and Ahmad Alnajjad, (i know Bush is not leader anymore, but we still didn’t see enough from Obama to judge). It started to look to me that each leader is doing what he is doing for stupid childish reasons, rather than the logical reasons to benefit their country. Think about kindergarten kids, or maybe school kids. Where someone will stick to stupid sentences that isn’t practical to look more like “cool” like a movie star, example “We will not negotiate with terrorists” now this is a very stupid sentence and it is THE main sentence used by movie heoroes. Now why this sentence is not realistic or practical, because in real world when you don’t talk to the other guy, the other guy will simply do what he wants NOT submit in fear of your strong sentence.

I have always been tickled by the idea that not talking to the other party is considered a punishment or a way of pressure. Usually when that happens, the other country’s leader gets angry and starts talking back in the same childish movie style. Mainly because it will be shameful and embarrassing for the leader to submit to such methods, so no leader submits. It is all about, “what, he thinks himself, superman, i will show him his worth”. This kind of speeches are all emotional speech with no real realism or value, it is not a speech that is trying to solve the problem, it is what a kid would do because he doesn’t wanna look coward, not because it is the right thing for his country.

I see something similar happening to Hamas, now almost all the countries are using that “we don’t talk to Hamas till she submits to all our demands” method, then we can give her the “privilege” of talking to us. Now this method will only PREVENT Hamas from submitting to their demands because then it will look weak and it will be embarrassed so it won’t do that, especially there is nothing in it for her except the privilege to talk to other countries which is not something as valuable as political leaders think, especially when other countries do this threat in a way that makes giving in to them as humiliating as possible. They always try to show that Hamas is beneath them, just like a kid would do when he “trash talk” other kid. The other kid no matter how weaker he is, will never submit because he will be humiliated, he even may get beaten but still to him it is better than humiliating himself. That’s what I see happening with political leaders. Even this is making Hamas do more and more whatever it wants. Refusing to talk to someone unless demands are met seems the sure way to NEVER talk to someone at all. I can’t recall when that method worked, if any knows an incident when it did, please enlighten me.

It all seems to me like kids who their reputation and looking “cool” and strong is the most important thing to do.

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3 thoughts on “Political leaders — Kindergarten kids

  1. Will what u said is nice, but life has taught me recently that even a soccer game is not as simple as it looks like! For instance did u ever noticed that a team sponsored by puma has never reached the final game in the world cup until the last one (2006) and it won the cup? it was a war between Adidas and puma, and I figure later that pumas founder was the co-owner of Adidas with his bro, but they had problems and then they split apart and never talked again (other astonishing results followed but this is enough to show my point).

    Politics are the arts of lying! If a soccer game is not as simple as I thought, what about wars? To say the truth, Hollywood has played, and still playing, a significant role in scripting people in USA and worldwide… so for 99% people, it is a super hero thingy to say ““We will not negotiate with terrorists”!

    Second, it is obvious that a president is not representing himself alone, but he is representing a huge group of people who we do not know about them, whom are the other parts of the party that the president represents.

    Life is a big stupid lie, I quit following news long time ago, and am more into different sciences these days, science is for the eternity but politics are for the moment, and no matter how u try to figure out the truth about it, u will never know! Unlike science, the more u try to think, the more it gives u back and the more u will enjoy it.

    About the speeches, they are called ideological speeches, more like, I will tell you what u want to hear so that u will cheer, but am not really going to do it.

    Again, news are just a big lie, my advice, do not buy into it!

  2. it is true, that sometimes they say these stuff just for the cheer, and then do a more practical thing, but still. The whole idea is disturbing to think that the unrealistic options are more popular than a real beneficial one.

  3. And that is why a mentioned the Adidas and puma thing! We do not know why they are doing so, because may be they are fighting for a granting the benefits for a small group of people!

    If u try to think in terms of a hidden agendas it will become more clear!

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