5 thoughts on “Saudi Mortal Kombat, ta7shesh

  1. i am ashamed to say no, i almost finished the introduction only, i will try harder to read from it, i am almost at the first habit

  2. i started the first habit yesterday, i liked the intorduction talk, especially about the goose and the golden eggs, sounded logical in general.

    i thought he a little bit underestimated other existing techniques and couple of his examples i wasn’t compelety convinced that his way was the only way or the most productive way.

    I loved the talk about how the lowest level is to be fully dependent, then becoming independent, then, which i didn’t actually thought about it as a higher level but it is actually is, the interdependence. It is funny to think that being vulnerable to someone dear to you or somehow dependent on someone dear to you is a higher level than being completely independent. I think this is essential to spouses, you have to be a little bit dependent on your spouse if you want a healthy marriage. that is harder to achieve than independence.

  3. Will it should be more like an interdependence between a married couple. That is what he said, but in general, he did not meant u should not show emotions, but rather u should be independent of the other part weaknesses!

    He said the personality ethics (motivationals and trainings… etc) are important, but second to character ethics, which is very true, I mean if hate is all over an organization, no amount or quality of training can help to lead it to success!

    Anyways, I prefer that u read the whole book and then we discuss!

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