ok…this is annoying

hey everyone, sorry about i am gonna say next, but i am sick of this. Every year, some small warfare starts between Palestine and Israel, and it always ends with more causalities on our side. However, i am sick of everyone crying about the thing for a week, then moving on. What the hell? Ok, by now, everyone should understand we can not win a battle under the current conditions. We are weaker, poorer, and i am afraid dumber. Crying for a week on these people is just hypocritical.
especially now on facebook, everyone is running random accusations. Instead of this short span attention, we should all focus on a long term plan. Here is the kicker, fighting wont be a part of it, or at least the first many many years. There is no point of fighting a losing battle.

i am just annoying how people care, and i am one of them, while something is happening. Then, they throw everything behind them when they feel they have contributed enough.

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  1. KAFR, Sofa narjomok 3ndma t3od ela alordon

    no am kidding, well said man! that what I was telling the guys the other day, they said we should protest, and I told them what the FUCK do protesting do? they said it is ad3f al eman! but ad3f al eman is when u can not do anything other than that!

    We can do many things! starting by making ourselves better people! But this thing is very hard, am afraid! xD

  2. I agree completely as well. The only thing missing from the post is what we can do.

    Supreme Ki said better oursevles, this helps, but i think we can do couple of other small things. VOTE. i know it is stupid, but i started to think we should vote, not because we will make a big difference, but hopefully after several years people like us who wanna vote to better things up piles up so they can make a difference. Why i think voting make a difference? 2 reasons, i think this is under “bettering ourselves” second, i hate whenever i talk about Arab countries i have to add “The Arab people is completely different from the Arab government” so voting may reduce this gap.

    There is many commercials that 1 vote make a difference, i don’t think 1 vote make a difference, but the way i count it, if you voted, you are not 1 vote. you are a representation of a whole group of people who think like you, so if you voted, then maybe another 100 people who were thinking just like you voted as well. so it piles up.

    What other suggestions do you guys have?

    p.s: i MAY go to a protest here in Canada, mainly to go to he park

  3. hehehehe, so u r protesting after all!

    nvrmind, bettering ourselves means many things! one of them is democracy! About voting, yea I totally agree with u, but that is when we can select all of the governers!

    I will tell you about our honorable parlement! Last week they made a new “law” that is too low! ok here it is, they can be exempted from the customs to buy cars! the new law is they can sell this shit?!!!! tell me what the heck is this??!

    2 weeks ago I went to a muslim astro lecture in Engineers association! he is malaysian! they wanted to send a Malaysian guy to space (that is the malaysian goverment)! they announced it and at the end a malaysian doctor went to space, he was one of 12500 men and women who applied! and the selection process was too complicated and took long time like 2 years!!

    the point is, see saudi arabia or syria for instance! they sent princes to space! I can think about Jordan too! who they will send?! I will leave it to your imagination!

    man, in Jordan, people care about the goverment, while every where else, the goverment cares for the people!

    Again, one vote makes a different, but not when all of the thing is just a play!

  4. yea agreed with malik :D. i was just telling severus and nadir the other day that the whole mess started because 7amas keeps throwing their “rockets” at isreali houses which ends up blowing a small hole in a wall or something, i mean what the hell ? over 300 Palestinians died in 2 days -not sure of numbers- because 7amas thinks its making a message with these missiles? couldnt they divert their jihad to take care of the starving,dying frustrated civilians? or thats just not glamorous to them

    and about protestors , its just a bored, hyper energized people that want to shout out in public and given a reason for it. take elune for an example ; when he gets frustrated at WoW he says ” brb ” and goes shouting in the streets.
    as malik said we have no chance against isreal in the current state so people should drop ” efta7o bab el jehad! e7regohom !” and should start caring for the welfare of the people..

  5. I 4got to add something! The first part of becoming better, should not include democracy! Because democracy is not founded very well in our brains in Jordan! So, it must be more like china or malaysia! start strictly (I do not mean to kill people) and then start going democratic step by step!

  6. i did not have a chance to check the blog till today. I am glad we all agree. Also, what yuri said is correct, the best way is to make ourselves better although it may take a while and a lot of work.

  7. But how? if we left it open ended, it won’t help much. we need to specify what we need to change exactly.

    can we consider, not lying AT ALL, or not using wasta for work, or not accepting bribery at all. or maybe not throwing trash in the street. never cheat when dealing with money, like if the shopkeeper made a mistake, not take advantage of that. buying local products.

    i am not saying all these stuff we need to do. but i think we need to specify something similar to that.

  8. As I said before, to be better, we should study closely how different nations has sprung from the bottom to the top! And I think we should concentrate on the countries that had recently done so, or are clearly on the way to it!

    I will suggest the Far East countries, obviously the countries were the future will be for them, as suggested by Ibn Khaldon, the civilization and modernization transports from one region to the other, and he predicted that Europe will take the lead after the Islamic state at his time!

    And another little country called Ireland! It is located in the west of Europe, but was not as civilized as the rest of Europe, but in just 15 years or so, they could become one of the best countries in Europe in the I.T sector, and their universities have become some of the best universities world wide!

    I was doing extensive readings in the last 2 months about leadership, strategic planning, motivationals and about successful people! So I read about 5 or 6 countries who become giants in few years, I thought it would take at least 30 years, but what made me so happy is that it took all of them just 10 years to feel a huge difference that I would like to feel in my country!

    All of these countries had different plans, but had common things in mind to work on really hard. The first thing was EDUCATION. How many times should I repeat my self? and btw, a couple of weeks ago there was a report about education (school education) in the world, and all of these countries were on the top of the world!

    Then comes the higher education, they worked on upgrading most of their universities into Research universities! And they asked for help from developed countries, for instance, Malaysia asked Japan to help them in doing so. Needless to say, they made these things accessible by every one in the country.

    The 3rd thing they had in common is that they concentrated on some fields in the industry, and worked hardly on making these fields capable of competing world wide. The selection of these fields was not random of course. And they pushed people toward entrepreneurship and investment.

    To say the truth, in Jordan we have many trails to do so, but they are done separately from each other, and lack strategic planning! So they are done for after a short while, and manly because people cares about founder more than the thing he founded, so once this guy is dead, or he is not important any more, the whole idea is gone.

    Another important thing, we should not do what the older generation has done; they think it is too late for them to do anything, so we should just keep trying till death.

    And actually we should make use of success stories that happened in Jordan too, like this book that Elia Nuqul published about his life and the big success he achieved in his life. Did not read it yet, but am looking forward too.

    One last thing, we should do not be too concerned about seeing the results in our life time, Buddha died 200 years before people started appreciating his ideas. And I can tell you about others who died trying, but succeeded after their death, starting with Abd-Al-Rahman Al-Kawakebi, he died in 1899 but his books are still living, and are a great source of inspiration for the awakening of our nation.

    Hope everyone of us would be making a plan for his life, and then a one for the our nation!

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