6 thoughts on “80% من الأردنيين يخشون انتقاد الحكومة علنا خوفا من عقوبات أمنية ومعيشية

  1. do not worry guys, Saad is gonna solve it all…he has a dream of a better life…a dream!

    yes saad, i am taking a low blow at what you said :). let us see who agrees…

  2. Aaaah, malik, low blow. anyway, it is not a secret i am ashamed from.

    My unrealistic dream is to fix jordan.

    Which brings me to this question. How do you think, if money was available, fix the wasta and bribery problem in jordan?

    malik think it is unfixable. I think it can be fixed, but don’t have a specific plan yet. I know after i am a multil millionare i will help with the unemployment problem :p

    p.s: I am in vacation in Canada, so i won’t check the site as frequent

  3. enjoy ur canada visit :).
    about the article i couldnt be bothered to read it all..its just too much words for my fragile little brain.
    but i dont trust these statistics at all , there is no sense of democracy amongst the people themselves ; only a matter of ” im happy >> allah ygawwi el 7okomeh !” , or ” fuel prices going up-regardless of world economic- then screw them ” . thats not democracy thats being emotionaly judgmental.

    about fixing the wasta and the rest of the problems we are facing , in my opinion :

    1.we need to fix the system and really work on rules and regulations to make it as clear and efficient as possible, and provide a really strong feedback system EVEN IN GOVERNEMENTAL INSTITUTIONS.with that accomplished it leads to the next point, which is my favorite :).

    2. apply the stricest punishment in the first phases to any rule breaking no matter how small it is, im talking about making the public shit their pants before thinking of breaking any rule or trying something funny. this comes from me after seeing most of the misfortune we see around jordan comes from silly people wanting to look cool and “7edeg” infront of others, and going on about stupid actions to prove himself regardless of the law.

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