I am quiting this blog unless…

1- I get back my full control over my blogs, and this includes:

a- Being able to post media
b- Being able to edit my posts.
c- Being able to add tags.
D- Being able to publish using the “Add New post” rather than the “QuickPress”.

2-If I do not have the above, am not only going to quir, but going to kill you all by carrdic arrests (not using the death note but by injecting sodium into your blood viens)

3- I just felt like adding a 3rd point.

4- Severo man please fix this, or I will have to do the above! x)

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4 thoughts on “I am quiting this blog unless…

  1. am fixing am fixing .. ma tethawar
    etzakkar everything can be fixed ,
    i did a new thing, please tel me if that fixed everything
    and for posting a media thats sooo easy !!! i dont know whats the problem just see this link

  2. it is logical that you should not be able to write posts, look what you are doing, you are threatening all of us..ya manyak 😀

  3. Malik, dude am an I.M for sure =)

    Severus and Odin, 5ls I have cooled down! =) wo ma r7 22tol 7ada!

    bs do not do it again! =)

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