Jordanian neurologist, Mohammed Asha, cleared over Glasgow terror attack : Mohammad Asheh Is Free !

On 16 December 2008 Asha was found not guilty of conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions,After 18 Months of trail , the court has declared Our colleague Mohammad Asheh clear from helping in London attacks.

Footage played to the jury showed police officers swearing at and ridiculing Asha, the prosecution also admitted that interviewing officers told Asha that they found new evidence regarding him which they knew to be untrue. Asha was transferred from Belmarsh category A high security prison into custody of the UK Immigration Service.
That is a Great News, mabrouk for Asha and his family and to us all

The judge in the London and Glasgow car bombs trial has criticised counter-terrorism police after it emerged that cleared suspect Mohammad Asha was interviewed twice without a solicitor following his arrest.

read here Asha bullied

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2 thoughts on “Jordanian neurologist, Mohammed Asha, cleared over Glasgow terror attack : Mohammad Asheh Is Free !

  1. AWESOME AWESOME NEWS. Mabrouk for him and his family and everyone cared.

    funny, couple of days ago i was looking at the most commented posts, and al asha was one of them, so i reread the discussion that happened there. so i have been thinking about it.

    Alhamdulilah he was found innocent, or not guilty.

    I am really happy with this news. it will make my week probably

  2. true am happy, but did u notice the buzz? no buzz at all! the guys future is destroyed, lets hope he can rebuild it soon!

    probably half the people that knew about the first half of the story, wil not know about the second half, and so when they see him loose they will be terrified =)

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