How to be a Dead Teen Part 2: Fadi Massoud – Laith Bustami – Mahdi Odeh – Raya Shukri

Am really annoyed from the teens , i really am, am extremely mad for the parents who let that happen , it drives me crazy who could a father be that irresponsible

Here is some instruction on how to be a dead teen :

  • Make sure you have some fun company who dont mind going with you in a car knowing that you just hit teen last week.
  • make sure there is lots of alcohol in the car, and you and ur friends blood
  • Make sure your daddy and your friends Daddy are influential , so all the people will have some sympathy on them, instead of spitting in the faces of those families.
  • Speed .. Speed .. Speed, Why not go 160 Km/h Since you can, and it doesnt matter where you are , in a high road or not, any street can be used to get 160km/h thats always fun in a car, and will sure makes lots of fun pictures, and laughs with the friends in the car with you.


So i’ve been receiving some emails about some idiot people threatening me about what i wrote about those dead teens

  1. I seriously think , the families of the dead teens , should ask for Money “deyyeh” from the father of the driver, and dont shit about its Gods judgment, God didnt put a speedy teen in the driver seat !!!!
  2. Someone tell me about those teens, just googling them, proves that they at least changed 3 schools in the past 3 years !!!!!!! am not saying anything , but would it just mean how irresponsible those teens are.
  3. it annoys me how much the press and YOU people are just telling [when the car accident STOP] when its NOT a Car accident that should stop, its STUPID irresponsible Parents WHO should STOP.
  4. Some of you are telling me , the driver got a Canadian driving license , WIll then HOW could he drive a Jordanian CAR , by law !!!! he is 17 and cant lease a car !!!!!
  5. I’ve been hearing lots of talks about alcohol found in the car and in the blood of the dead teens , Will there be any autopsy report about the alcohol levels in their blood , to SHUT me off, or you are gonna brag about , Ohhh my son doesn’t drink !!!!

Please i beg you SHUT ME OFF

  • Again, enough of  fathers, who let their sons do those stuff !!!!!!!!

dont tell me losing son is the punishment enough , NO its not , its maybe a punishment for the kids who died, but not for their fathers , because am sure in 3 months this will happen again, why because still some fathers doesnt care , where his son is , or what he is doing , am fine with that, but for gods sake make sure he is not KILLING others while having fun !!!!
and hey daddy , please do [ waste ur time with a bunch of “loozers” ] your son and his friends are and tell them what they should and Shouldnt do , and make sure they follow , thanks for the tip Ghaaaith Odeeeh [].

7- SHAME ON YOU DADDY and Mommy , for not caring of what am doing with my  friends, i just wanna know


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66 thoughts on “How to be a Dead Teen Part 2: Fadi Massoud – Laith Bustami – Mahdi Odeh – Raya Shukri

  1. You are the man .. you know all that reports from the police about the DUI, and the history of the 4 teens were availabe to press but not a signle newspaper could publish anything …

    A funny post was talking about how much it is sad that they missed their prom !!

    1. I do agree Ahmad, The Press in Jordan is a really shitty here, they just bitch about the freedom, and they simply dont do anything !!!!
      and its sad they missed the prom Ohhhh

  2. you are entitled to your own opinion for sure, but atleast have some respect to people who are mourning! Dont speak ill of the dead! You are so rude and heartless. No ONE knows what happened, not even the last surviving guy, he has 3 different stories to tell!

  3. ya he would , he was too drunk to ge a story,
    and what a story we need
    speed is 160kmh
    teen with a car
    and their stupid father who lethim
    with drinking
    no, i dont think that anyone can see that coming
    screw such parents who made that happen






  5. and how do you know all the information?!?
    for your AMAZING information, the father is my cousin and his son doesnt drink. Now what? have SOME respect!! imagine it was your brother or sister in that car, how would you feel if a stranger kept saying nonsense about them. you have NO PROOOF!

  6. respect : i dont care who is ur father, everyone says his son doesnt drink, yet the police DUI says different, and am sure the kid wasnt even speeding … am sure

    and it wont be my brother or sister, My parents are responsible :), which ur fathers cousin is not in my opinion .
    and am telling you .. u give me a proof and shut me off, give me a police report says that they didnt die beecause of a speedy car and ill be all heart with you

    all love

  7. supreme ki
    a stupid kid from the same schoolwants to meet me la ydogni..
    and knowing his way it will be yoom el 5amees, nadi el sayyarat, and after non ofc, cause they have school ofc

  8. I am not asking you to care about who my father is, or of the people who died, or if the person was speeding or if they were on alcohol or even heroin or even if their parents gave them the bloody keys, or if you think that the other teens were even more stupid to ride with a drunk. All I am asking is for you to have some heart and understand that there are four people who are DEAD and its not nice for someone who cares about these people to read what you wrote, its very hurtful, and its even worse for you to swear at them. There is a way for you to express your opinion without being rude and very inhumane and be more considerate. Just have a heart, like any human should!

  9. respect :
    you have a point, yet am still mad from what happen.
    yet what am mad isnot the dead, its the parents who let that happen, and watch it while it happen !!!!

    am gonna correct the tone, keep tuning

  10. nicely said respect, i did confront severus that his tone was a bit harsh even though i totally agree with everything he said. and it will be sad to see all blame put on speed not the irresponsible behavior of the teens and anyone else.
    i do like to see the tone in the post fixed a little but the points should kept unchanged .

    P.S : Shall i drive u severus for ur hosheh meeting 3end nadi el sayarat? after school ….of course 😀

  11. yea severues, while some of ur points are valid, still it is still not acceptable socially i guess,( i know u don’t care about that , but i have to say it) to trash dead people.

    the points i agree with you is to LEARN from the incident and not take it as a 1 time incident, this happens frequently so everyone please be careful and take the right steps.

    I hope the parents learn from that as well and everyone. and friends to stop acting stupid “cool”. there is a lesson for everybody.

    still i am not with the trash talk on the dead. but from logical point of view, i see ur point, from socially and practical point of view, u need to adjust ur presentation for ur opinions.

    i wish we can have all the facts, even if they are dirty, i think it has to be said.

    p.s: don’t worry about the teens, they r getting what they deserve now ( good or bad)

  12. dude, this is what hurts me most! Why shall we be nice?

    In my last semester at the university, a fucker was about to run over me while he was “b5mas” next to the university in the middle of a traffic jam! I could get his fucken car number and I went to the police station!

    now the guy was too cowerd to show up, so his father came, his father was like “my son is only 22 and this is what we call taesh shbab”! If it was not for the police officer standing next to us, I would have kicked his balls so hard, and he was also trying to show me that he knows prince Hassan!

    People in Jordan thinks that just by knowing someone of the Royal family or minister then they are over the law!

    And about the kids, I do not think that a teen who drinks will tell his father, he will just find it eventually!

    And this stupid guy from the English school, u are still a kid! so go play away 7bibi! no place for stupid guys here!

  13. yuri i do agree
    and if its up to me , i would take their stinky corpses and shot it twice and display it in a glass box, while i jail their fathers
    Lucky , am not the one in charge

  14. being annoyed of how things work is different than trash talking DEAD PEOPLE.

    severus doesn’t care for social courtesy, which is not that surprising, but you have to have social courtesy to be able to do anything besides “cursing the darkness”.

    I agree with you supreme ki, what you witnessed make every bone in me shake in rage, but what i am saying is different, i am saying we should be freaking raged at those idiots who try to go by who they know. i witnessed something similar and i am very sorry to say it was a relative of a friend of mine.

    Tell me, what do you think we should do? not as a government, not as society, as persons, supreme ki, u did the right thing for calling the police on the stupid car dude, but apparently that was not enough, so how to take it up a notch? if you found a way, i think we can all do it. i know i will do whatever i think can change the “darkness”

    i know this is freakin lame but lighting a candle is better than cursing the darkness 1000 times.

    severus , why u say that ? “i would take their stinky corpses and shot it twice and display it in a glass box” what is the point of putting them in a glass box?

    i see ur point with the father in jail, but why trash the dead, THEY ARE DEAD, it is no point to humiliate them, even the koffar dead bodies were not treated badly.

  15. Donno! I am sick and tired of people in Jordan! nothing can be done to change them!

    There are daily reports about guys who do this thing in different places in jordan such as t5mees and they usually do it in the same place! where are the police to catch them?! ordinary people like us report or die and unfortunatly police are doing nothing about it!

    I think that this t5mees issue and overspeeding should be taken very seriously.

    What can we do as people?! am still thinking! but a huge part of this issue is social one! when fathers stop rewarding their stupid soons with cars just for passing tawjihi with 60.1 avg this will stop!

    I do not regret guys who die foolishly, but i regret the death of innocent people who were just walking or even inside their homes! it happened once that a car jumped over the hedge of a house and almost killed a woman working there!

    too shamful! about lighting a candle, I do agree with u, but when winds are too strong ur candle will always go off before even lightening anything! So we should use force first! not that insulting dead is what I mean! no not all!

  16. i was thinking, is there a way to actually get information about the alcohol level in their blood? like is this information secret or any can call the police and ask?

  17. i am edditing this because now i am not sure of this is the real car since in the title it says 6-11-2008, alla a3lam

    i found this

    it is the car after the accident

    i will repeat what the first comment said ” don’t jump to conclusion, the speed wasn’t 220 because the rpm was zero, so it is obvious something is wrong”

  18. i really do not get, they are dead…the parents learned a lesson…let it go…they are dead man, it is awful enough.

  19. saad :
    lets say the thing that we have
    1- Speed 160km/h
    2- BAC 0.16- 0.19
    3- 16-17 years old brats
    4- Stupid parents
    5- No responsibility
    6-the driver KILLED 3 people
    7- They were inside the city
    8- they should have been driving in the first place !!!!

    Saad, Please DONT jump in defending the little because they are all young and stupid,

    Malek :
    NO being dead is not enough for me at least, nor for their families, for me at least,

  20. Severus, why are you being rude again???
    Didnt we agree that you shouldn’t speak in an inhumane manner?
    You know whats sad about you, is that you have such a great argument and you have such a good point but you loooooooooose it all when you swear at dead people and use more bad language for their parents that are hurting.
    Like I said its not what you are saying that bothers,, its HOW you say it. You would be gaining everyones positive attitude if you just learnt how to communicate your feelings without bad use of language. YOU LOSE IT all like that, because you are very disrespectful.
    Change your attitude and not your opinion and watch how people will respond.

  21. respect:
    do agree,
    Thank you
    the thing is i had a very 2 bad personal experiences, with children with speedy cars, that they got from their fathers,
    each time i hear someone telling me its the trust between the father and a son, that gave the son the opportunity to waste lifes , i get that back .. and it does hurt !!

  22. Ok thats great that you can share and you have even more personal back-up to justify your opinion, but say it nicely. Like you said, you were hurt, there are a lot of people that are also hurt that are not the father or mother of these children. If you dont want to respect their parents, respect the innocent people who loved the ones that died.
    Now tell us how you can change this attitude of children driving, drunk driving and speedy people for no reason driving instead of swear.
    yalaa, make a clean kickass point!!
    no point in shooting dead people! 🙂

  23. ok, Severus….i swear i will swim back to jordan and stuck my foot up your ass if you do not let this go. THEY ARE FUCKIN DEAD man, do no use them to teach everyone a lesson because 1) people wont listen to you 2) it is disgraceful to those people who died. think of that.

  24. malek, u came late, AMAZINGLY respect and severues were able to hold themselves and not continue unneccessary flaming, they even agreed.

    you were late Malek]

    and by the way, i am really impressed how Severus admitted that he was aggressive, and i am impressed from respect that he didn’t flame back, and rather controlled himself which is very hard to do online, we have seen it before were stupid issue are blown out of proportion.

  25. Thank you Slvador 🙂
    You see you just proved MY point, If I didnt keep my calm? How else was I gonna make a point ?
    If I was aggresive, Severus would’ve just fought me back with even more aggression, and the whole moral would’ve been loaded with an endless back and forth of him and I probably taking it personal at the end and ending up setting a physical meet fight in nadi il sayarat!looll
    That way we would lost the cause : being to educate
    – teen drivers
    – drunk drivers
    – aggressive drivers
    – irresponsible parents
    and more.
    So Respect! 😉

  26. BTW! these guys are Regarded as heros now! yea heros!

    On the radio channel called “play” 99.6! listen to it to understand what I mean!

  27. It makes people who love them feel better to hear that! Regardless how anyone feels towards this, four people have died!!!
    Just leave it alone if you are gonna be aggressive. You should be constructive.
    and btw Slvador, I am not a guy!

  28. why they are being called heroes? i didn’t get that. is it because it was eid when it happened? i really can rationalize it, someone help me,

  29. slack?!
    do you even know what that means?
    you are telling me I am being lazy??
    do you even know what being constructive means?!?

  30. it mean to construct a building with 4 floors or more, slack means going easy on something serious here! do not be stupid and act like a smart person unless u really are! Now just read with out being too soft!

    s3d, yea actually they are making interviews with their friends and telling them to say something about them on the radio!

    Allah yr7mhom jame3an, but this totally goes against logic! Though I might think of it as they are victims of bad system of education and irresponsible parents! then yea, they are to be remembered for this! am talking about people in general, because only those who know these guys will remember them for their sake!

  31. just wanted to say that despite they are young to be driven a car and we can say that mybe its there parents fault who left them to do where ever they want but who can blam them every one loves his child and wants the best for him and cant say no.. no matter what so we should say allah yer7amhoum w ye3en ahelhoum for thier lost…. alah yer7amhoum

  32. Admin: I didn’t delete this comment because I thought it is hilarious, so i decided to leave it, only edit the words
    first of all none of u b***hes know what ur talking about. this may be hard for your TINY brains to understand but people make f***ing mistakes.
    You guys do not have the right to judge, let alone talk about these people.
    THEY were amazing and had more courage, heart, and soul than any of u f***ers. <----- Admin: that is my best part. THE only reason u guys are sitting wasting ur time talking about this is because u have nothing else to do in you life!! Dont talk about things that u dont understand, and people that you dont know!

  33. dude this is f***** hilarious! ok, now I see the good part about schools such as the english school and american school, they produce clowns that help change the picture about Jordanian people that they do not laugh! holy! x)

    Baba 7bibi, 5leek b7alak blash nejek 3la nadee elsaeart ya faee3, ma r7 ndrobak bs r7 no5dak m3na r7la 7lwa 3la shar3 elthakafa! n3rfak 3la 3ali wo elshbab!

  34. Did you know these people? Did YOU go to school every day and see their faces?? WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO JUDGE THEM?
    At least they lived there lives with friends and family who loved them and they didnt sit on there ass looking at there computer screen talking shit about people you dont even know.
    i spit in all ur disrespectfull faces.. you think u are men because u dont drink? because u dont drive fast?
    if u were men u wudnt be able to talk to a person in there face instead of writting stupid blogs about it online.
    i knew these people. and if this happened to you, they would respectfully remember you well, respect your memory and your life. to them, the mere thought of what you did is repulsing, completly inhumane.
    stop talking about them like this.. if you dont agree with what they did you can have that opinion, everyone is entitled to that. but this was a tradgedy… have the respect to atleast not say anything about them, if you dont have anything good to say.
    so do not have the right to spread rumors and bad thoughts about these four beautiful people.

    You need to think about what you say and how it will effect other people. and besides this is none of ur bussiness so if you dont like it..stay OUT of it
    all you “men” need to go back to ur mothers and learn some respect and grow some balls.
    i pitty you.

  35. you think this is funny? really u do.
    im not going to threaten you because your disgusting and not worth my time. but while u are laughing in our faces we are spitting in yours.
    watch ur words because even though NOW ur are the one hurting people with your words the tables will turn and u will be hurt…and it wont be by words. Stop judging others and get whats back of ur pitiful life.

    first of all none of u b***hes know what ur talking about. this may be hard for your TINY brains to understand but people make f***ing mistakes.
    You guys do not have the right to judge, let alone talk about these people.
    THEY were amazing and had more courage, heart, and soul than any of u f***ers.
    THE only reason u guys are sitting wasting ur time talking about this is because u have nothing else to do in you life!!
    Dont talk about things that u dont understand, and people that you dont know!

  36. You know, you used a sentence used by someone before you which to me has no meaning, so please explain to my small brain what “THEY were amazing and had more courage, heart, and soul than any of u f***ers.” means? How some people have more soul than others, enlighten me

  37. Alyssa screw you .. screw them
    you belong to the same MFs type am talking about
    if you dont like it … will you can suck it ..
    This is my site and i say what i want in it, if you dont like it again … feel free to suck it .. big time !!!

  38. com’n Severus, act more calmly. don’t get drifted in online argument, it is meaningless, you are better and bigger than that.

  39. Alyssa Nadine,

    Let me tell u something! The guys are dead, and am really sorry for them now! each time we forget about it, someone of you pop up and restart it all over again!

    We are not mad about these guys in particular, but we are mad at the corruption in this case, four 16 years old teens driving with huge speed and in the Aqaba road, why would such a thing happen?

    Now I know you might not understand me, but listen, these guys are dead, Allah yr7amhom, no need to cause more insults for them. When you insult us, we will insult you and the dead guys too, it is a natural result.

    Now let discuss you comments: “im not going to threaten you because your disgusting and not worth my time.”

    I see that you spent at least 30 minutes writing the 2 comments, seeing the difference in time between the first and the second. Second, threatening? Are you sure? What can you do? Send a hired assassin to kill us? Am sorry we are not living in Brazil, and besides what kind of person do you think you are when you threaten others??! Threatening is a very primitive act. And this post was posted just because some one started send threatening letters, that am still waiting for it to occur.

    Second do you know us? Why do u state that we are tiny brained guys?! Am afraid to tell you that the least smart amongst us is 10 times smarter than an average Jordanian. I can not tell you why, but it is the truth.

    “THE only reason u guys are sitting wasting ur time talking about this is because u have nothing else to do in you life!!”

    Believe me, each and everyone of us does not have enough time to scratch his head. Can you tell me please how you find this thread?

    “Dont talk about things that u dont understand…”

    what is it that we do not understand in this case? Please tell me.

    “At least they lived there lives with friends and family who loved them and they didnt sit on there ass looking at there computer screen talking shit about people you dont even know.”

    Again you are contradicting yourself, how come that you tell us not to talk about people we do not know, while you are making pretty big assumption about us? Do you know us?

    “i spit in all ur disrespectfull faces.. you think u are men because u dont drink? because u dont drive fast?”

    Spiting is a primitive act again, you are not giving us a good picture about you. And if drinking and driving fast makes us men, then non of us want to be a man.

    If you are of the type I think you are then please remember how many times you trashed people because they are not cool and do not dress them selves with the latest fashion. What we did is wrong, but it was because of people just like you, who would show up and start showing us how civilized they are.

  40. ok, something is wrong, in the second comment by alyssa, it is the same by the previous guy, did she copy paste it? WHY? maybe it is a mistake from her part.

  41. Admin: i allowed this just to amuse saad !!
    First i would like to say that people make mistakes and DIE! but people who are at this age thank god will go straight to heaven unlike you poeple who are talking shit about the dead! alla la ye7amkom!! i hope you go through what these parents went through! so u can feel what theyre feeling about psycho paths 7akoodeen 3am bishtamu 3ala shabab ma btuswu kundarithom ya ikhwan il sharmoota. yil3an abu haik nas illi ma bir7amu il mayet!! Ir7amuhom mishan tinri7mu !! sitna mariam tsamat mishanha il wa7eeedeh illi kanat ray2a bi umor il buloogh wo intu jayeen t7asbu il ahel wo il nas?! intu yalli 7akooden illi ahilkom 7abseenkom bi byootkom intu wo khawatkom sharameet wo m3ajbeeen way more than these kids are!! Grow up! become human! they are 4 DEAD KIDS! pray for them!! pray for their parents ya BAJAM! ya JUHALA! IGNORANCE! your talking about your parents?! how good they are?! WALKOM AHILKOM IL JUHHAL ZAY khil2itkom illi m3almeenkon tishtamu 3al mayteen ya ikhwaaat il sharameet ya 7akoodeee! walkom nas zaykom bidhom 7areg!! surmayto la wa7ad min il twafu intu ma btiswuha wa7ad wara il tani tin7ir2u inshala wo nshoof meen MABIDO YISHTAM FEEKOM! ya WLAD IL SHARAMEET! YA NAWAR!

  42. After 2 months of passing by this blog every time I google “Raya Shukri,” I’ve decided to actually say something.

    The problem with Jordanian society is not that we have police officers who glance over underage driving, teenagers who go out and get drunk, people who speed, or ineffective emergency response systems because these problems exist in most societies today. The problem is we allow free speech at a time when ideas and beliefs are still centralized on biased, opinionated, and overly critical thoughts; the problem is we have created a society that dictates reputation over achievement, good hearts, and just about everything else; the problem is we have a society that has a disgusting obsession with gossip, dark talk, and polluted truths. The vast majority of the people who have bashed and criticized the people who have died have said nothing worth any logical or educated thought. Their arguments generally consist of racial prejudice (“America and it’s lifestyle is responsible for this”), sexism (“Well, SHE must have deserved it, SHE was a whore”), and just plain old unverified, idiotic, and vicious statements (“They were high, they were high school screw-ups, their parents must have been high, the car flew at an angle of 25 degrees thus indicating they were the spawn of Satan”). Yes, they were heroes and they will always be heroes in the eyes of everyone who knew them. It’s a shame you fucks can’t open your minds enough to see the same. You’re so bent on criticisms that you’re willing to blame anything your greedy eyes come across: the media, their parents, society, drugs, alcohol, God, America, schools, education, prostitution. What fucking difference does it make? What are you gonna do about it, change the world? Learn to be human and learn the value of respect for once in your sick sad lives.

  43. Thanks severues, this did amuse me.

    hehehehhehe, aaaah funny.

    but i have to be honest, it is really hard to read arabic english, it hurts my eye.

    but still, really funny. hehehehehhe.

  44. You guys sit here and talk about being Men. And how “if drinking makes you a man, then i dont want to be one”. Drinking doesnt make you a man, neither does not drinking. What makes u a man is your wisdom: Growing up, experience…living. The three guys in the car were not men, and she was not a woman. They were teenagers. All too young to have experienced such a tragic death.
    You sit here and belittle everybody who speaks well of the four deceased. Acting, as if ur better than them, than us. U are just the same. Do not talk to alyssa, nadine and stereotype them into a group. don’t judge. You have no right to.
    And do not blame the parents. They raised four amazing children that u will never get the chance to meet. Yes they did stupid things, who doesnt. They drank, these days everybody does, so do not single them out as the only underage kids on the planet.
    Im not attacking you, or atleast not trying to. You said it urself. “you attack us, we attack you and ur dead friends”. Im just trying to let u into OUR worlds. These four people impacted soo many peoples lives. So many people grieved and still grieve, over their deaths and u have no courtesy but creating this website.

  45. thats sad :(. Severus enable that comment u sent on the email, the guy actually says something useful for a change . and for the angry teens flooding us with curses and such.. as Yuri said ” u curse us we curse them and you right back” cursing on the interntet is easy guys.
    and please STOP with the ” no life” insult , cant u see the irony there? laughter kills me everytime i read it!

  46. Typical, when someone says something logical for a change you block them from public view. Oh well, I tried.

  47. Ok, first, i have to apologize for the three comments that were reported as spam by mistake, it wasn’t by me, and i doubt the other admin did that. i think it was the auto spam blocker, he did that for several.

    i agree in most of what the Outsider and Tim Jones said. Both had wonderful points, i do disagree on the following parts though.

    “Yes they did stupid things, who doesnt. They drank, these days everybody does, so do not single them out as the only underage kids on the planet.”
    This was from outsider.

    Don’t you think it is sad that “these days everybody does” and this has to be changed?

    “What fucking difference does it make? What are you gonna do about it, change the world? ”
    This was from Tim Jones

    The whole idea I am trying to say, and it think some of the other commentators trying as well, that this is the sad part, THIS IS NOT A SINGLE ACCIDENT. That’s what i and most of the commentators are trying to stop, and i think (even if it doesn’t look like that) severues trying to say.

    We don’t want this incident to occur again. Instead of acting like they were heroes and cry for them, we need to see where is the root of this problem is and solve it. whether it is in the educational system, parents, traffic laws, wherever. Denying there is a problem is a problem in itself, and acting like they were heroes and this is a sad single incident is just another way to overlook the real problem.

    I do agree with Tim Jones about how people are critical to the extreme, but i don’t think that IS the problem in our society, it is a problem, but definitely not the most urgent one. As long as those stupidly critical people are not in the decision making process, they are UNimportant.

    If you want to honor their death, then prevent others from following their path, not picture them as heroes. and answering your question Tim Jones. YES, I DO WANT TO CHANGE AT LEAST MY WORLD.

    On differnt note:
    I am with Xzeer about the curses thing, i never understood why they curse over the internet, do you think they actually think they can shut someone up by cursing him over the internet??

    Do you think it is possible the following scenario happens
    After they do the insult comment, they go to their friends and say “Yesterday, i showed those idiots how not to talk like they know stuff while they are pieces of shit. I made them shut up”
    Do you think that could happen? if yes, then it is sad that some people actually think that.

    p.s: i re-apologize for the mistaken spam.

  48. But as much as you do want to change the world, you cannot deny that chance also plays a role in the events of the world. If you eliminate everything, alcohol, parenting, society, whatever, you still have to consider that these things simply HAPPEN. It is a bit over the top to completely ban alcohol because there are those who are responsible with it and they will most certainly protest. I will even go as far as to say the drinking age should be LOWERED, for when it is lowered you are not only accepting that whether you like it or not, teenagers will find a way to get smashed out of their minds, but you are allowing a chance for the education and implementation of responsible drinking. But besides all this talk of reformation and back to my original point, you can’t deny that it is possible that chance has played a significant role in this event and that really, if you want change that is a matter of your own personal decision; criticisms will bring you nothing but hate and slammed doors, especially from the teenagers you are trying to reform. You must take into account that we are all hurting for what has happened, that we will not listen to rotten words, and that for all you try to do, we probably won’t listen until you listen to us. After all, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

  49. I agree with parts and disagree with others. while i DO believe even after controlling everything these stuff will still happen every now and then, but i don’t think this is the case here. i think it happens frequently enough to deduce this is not a single incident and we need to find the root of the problem.

    as catching bees with honey rather vinegar, that’s correct, i don’t approve the tone of this post, but i tried to look beyond the insults and tried to see what he is trying to say. I agree that teenagers will just disregard the whole thing because of the insults, but i am not the author, i can’t claim responsibility.

    but even if the teenagers didn’t listen to this post, i still don’t want someone pressuring his friend to drive fast by mentioning that “even if he died, he would be idolized” ( i know this probably won’t happen, but we shouldn’t be even near of that happening). in fact i want it to be used in the other way, i want a friend telling his driving friend to “SLOW DOWN so idiots like the ones here won’t make fun of you” if an accident happens.

    i know this is a far consequence, but it is not that impossible. and as other teenagers may disregard this post, i still prefer to reach already stable persons who may see the message beside the insults and maybe affect their way of raising their children to the better a little bit, this post is not entirely towards teenagers.

    but after all, i still do agree that the tone of this post must definitely be less aggressive. but it is his writers opinion, i won’t block it nor change because i disagree, that’s why i try to approve all comments, with or against.

    you can see that respect (the person) did disagree with the writer from the beginning and his tone was good enough that made the writer admits couple of things, u can go back and see for yourself. i think most of the commentators did agree on the fact that this post is a little emotional.

    here is a quote from the author in one of the comments

    Severus Said,
    December 16th, 2008 @8:30 am edit

    do agree,
    Thank you
    the thing is i had a very 2 bad personal experiences, with children with speedy cars, that they got from their fathers,
    each time i hear someone telling me its the trust between the father and a son, that gave the son the opportunity to waste lifes , i get that back .. and it does hurt !!

  50. I vote on rewriting the post into insulting the stupid teens who are cursing us!

    I have no hatered for the dead guys, but I am against making them Heros! They are teens, and I believe that even adults will find mercy when they meet our great God!

    We won’t change the subject unless Severus accept! What do u say?!


  52. i am in for changing this post somehow, but we definitely need to leave the point that they are not heroes, and a problem need to be solved, u can insult the living teens who insult us, i don’t care.

    or we can lock this post.

    severues , ur call

  53. Please , i’d like for the post to remain as it is, ill be writing a follow up, explaining my reasons soon , would you wait till you read it, Please !

  54. It is up to Severus as I said before! But man these insects started to bother me! I just hope I can catch one of them!

    They are not heros! it is 100% fact, these stupid people posting are just nothing, so I do not give a shit if they think they are heros or not!

    I thought I could get my self fully under control, but when I see these comments I really wish killing was not a sin! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  55. can we at least lock it?

    i think almost everything need to be said is said, more comments will repeat what already been said

  56. As a last post I’d just like to make one thing clear. We do not glorify the mistakes of the people who have died, we do not glorify death, we do not glorify drunk driving and we do not see them as heroes for dying the way that they did. We see them as heroes for who they were, who they are in spirit, and who they will always be. You are wrong to say that it is “100% fact” that they are not heroes. Understand that we use logic, that we have learned from this, and that many have been “scared straight” if you will. But we will always glorify them as people and the memories we hold of them because we love them and because of how incredible they were to everyone who knew them. So please, understand that we do not deem them heroes for the wrong reasons, understand that we have learned from this because we don’t want to cause the same pain to the ones we love as this has already caused so much chaos, understand that there is so much emotion involved in this incident and that this post is causing a lot of uproar; Please take this down or at the VERY least, make it private. Thank you.
    -Timmy J

  57. It is true by making the accident public, many were scared straight which is a good thing.

    And I can see how people who actually knew those kids really miss them and kindly remember them. But still, you didn’t give me a reason for considering them heroes for people who don’t know them.

    We see them as heroes for who they were, who they are in spirit, and who they will always be.

    Well, to the general crowd, we got no idea how they were, then why the general people should consider them heroes? i think you should define “we” in your statement. if you personally knew them and they were really good in your point of view, then i see how you can consider them heroes. but for anyone else who didn’t know them can’t consider them anything. the only thing we know about these people that they were underaged drunk speed drivers. i know this is not the full or the real picture, but that what is presented to the public, and based on that picture, we definitely can’t consider them heroes.

    The we in my last statement is anyone who doesn’t know their everyday life.

  58. I am locking this post because everything need to be said has been said, and any new comments are repeats of previous comments. I am not deleting this post because i think some discussions in the comments were useful and need to be still public.

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