Muslims are best served roasted, and swimming in sulfuric acid : Foreign language hate group slides under Facebook’s radar

I was Just reading Betanews, and i found this , what do you think?

does the group still exist people with facebook account ??


Facebook has been translated into dozens of foreign languages, but BetaNews found a hate group on the site in Serbian that was completely unmoderated, despite a tremendous user outcry against it.

The group “NO? ?ICA SREBRENICA!!” is a “Just for fun – Fan Club” of fugitive war criminal General Ratko Mladic, who was found guilty of genocide/mass murder in an International Criminal Tribunal in 2004. Mladic commanded the Army of the Srpska Republic in the 1995 Srebrenica Massacre of over 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

Over 1,000 supporters joined the group, which claimed it was “for all those that are against foreign Islam, for all those who are against Muslim fundamentalists and Mujahideen, for everyone who respects the work of General Mladic, and for everyone who thinks that Muslims are best served roasted, and swimming in sulfuric acid.”

The existence of this group caused an uproar among Facebook users in the Balkans, leading a user named Azrudin Pecanin and two others to form a group to get “Noz Zica Srebrenica” removed. Despite having a membership of over 11,000 who were instructed to report the offending group, the hate group remained in place. Even worse, when contacted this afternoon, Facebook had no idea of either group’s existence.

BetaNews contacted Facebook today to discuss the site’s policy on the moderation of foreign language groups. A representative from the social network said, “Facebook supports the free flow of information, and groups provide a forum for discussing important issues. However, Facebook will remove any groups which are violent or threatening.”

Image of burning mosque on Facebook

The group’s page said it was made “with the goal of making all normal people see the danger of radical Islam through jokes and fun, to share their opinions without spreading hate on any level.” Included in the group’s hosted imagery, however, was a user-uploaded cell phone photograph of a burning mosque, and the mention of disposing of Muslims in sulfuric acid — a wartime method of rendering human remains untraceable — cut too close to the bone, so to speak.

“Noz Zica Srebrenica” violated Facebook’s terms of use and was removed. But were it not for the looming threat of bad press, there is no telling how long the site would have remained.

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2 thoughts on “Muslims are best served roasted, and swimming in sulfuric acid : Foreign language hate group slides under Facebook’s radar

  1. that’s not weird AT ALL. i recall when i had a facebook acount stupid groups exist all the time, and the moderator do nothing about them, there were tens if not hundreds of “fu** islam” groups and some “fu** fu** islam” groups and many stupid offensive groups for every kind and race. facebook moderators are really not trying that hard, apparently people just scream there and no real action, so they forget about it. even though as rules of facebook, many of these groups should be omitted, they have the hate rule and racist rule, but no one to apply it.

    when i wanted to quit facebook it concided with an even for one of those groups, they said deactivate ur account for a week as a way to protest for the above mentioned groups, i said “what to lose” quitted that day and never came back. of course i really doubt that event did any noticeable impact. apparently muslims and non muslims are super addicted to the site alike. Especially the people 1 or more years younger than us.

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