The Teens and Their wise fathers : وفاة نجل وزير العدل وثلاثة من أصدقائه في حادث تدهور سيارة

Update , read more about those teens here

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see the age of the people in the car, and start asking : how did any of them drive , isnt it needed to be 18 to drive a Car !!!!!!!
how come all 17 yo brat idiot teens, get to drive in daddys car, with no license, speeding OFC, and not getting pulled down by the police the speed of the car was 160km/h, still all say alla yer7amo , no one asks how did they managed to drive that fast, causedaddy is sure of his son knowing how to drive, so he sends him with teens to aqaba driving,
Hey Dad why dont u give him weed also

Update , read more about those teens here

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17 thoughts on “The Teens and Their wise fathers : وفاة نجل وزير العدل وثلاثة من أصدقائه في حادث تدهور سيارة

  1. stop being a hypocrite. i know people used to drive recklessly before they get the driver’s license and guess what, their daddy isn’t a big shot. we r just easy on reckless driving

  2. first, you do not need to be 18 to be capable to drive a car, that rule is wrong in the first place. Also, 160 km/h is actually not that fast…it is only 99 mile/h…i have driven on that speed a couple of times…blame their stupid driving skills…in fact, why are we talking about them anyway? they are dead..

  3. Saad, STOP being an idiot
    and you knowing people doing that, they all used to drive in closed areas , or in small places, NOT from AMman to Aqaba and in the way back, the boy didnt even got the possibility that a street policeman would stop him !!!!
    and you knowing peope doing it doesnt make it right , U didnt drive before 18, nor ur brother, nor malik, nor anyone I know , and hey driving to the dokkaneh is not driving !!!!!
    so stop being a stupid brat

    Malik, Good For you , shattour enta
    and since in amman the fastest lane here is 120km/h, so 160 on a street that is a 100km/h is FAST ,

    plus the point is the stupid boy who took 3 of his friends to an illegal car driving to AQABA and back , without any fear .. with such a speedy car, and then people saying 7aram matao, will i say Alla yo5odhoom and alla yo5od kol wa7d zayyhom

  4. guys, these guys are my bro’s friends!

    Here is the story, the guy driving have a canadian license! he is 17 but can drive, now the problem is the fact that they were DRUNK!

    That is it

  5. and btw, the fourth guy was a girl and not a guy! if u wana see their facebook profiles tell me X)

  6. so drunk at 160km/h in daddys car
    how cute 🙂
    the thing is why didnt we (me , xzeer, saad, malik, ..etc) to the same ?????????
    someone answer that

  7. Still, their father got nothing to do with the police not stopping them.

    have you seen the 3rooba buses on techno, amman line? they fly man.

    and again, allah yer7amhom anyway. because allah er7am el jamee3, no matter how stupid they were.

    I do think they were stupid to pull a stunt like that. but that’s not rare in jordan, any somehow well family that gives their son a car do stuff like that. i know people who were in accident because of something like that. wasn’t amman aqaba, but it was inside amman, but still speeding in a small alley.

    and 160 is actual fast, 99 miles is fast as well, the limit here is 65, u once drove that speed doesn’t make it not fast. and the roads here are much different, u can’t compare it. especially they were driving at night 9 pm.

    and not having a police officer to stop them is not weird, cops are not on every corner.

    Yuri, ur brother is friend with alcoholics ?

    we didn’t we do that? does this really hard question to answer? we weren’t as irresponsible as they were. even though i did speed here couple of times, but responsibly

  8. 3ogbal ma akhdak najeeb 3al 3agabeh o nakhod ma3na eshe neshrabo bel 6areeg, balki motna o 3mlona shohada o 3emlolna dowar b2esemna or sth, would be cool

  9. bas about those 4, allah yer7am elle twafo minhom and even though they are idiots, they are answering now to a higher authority and i think thats enough punishment.

  10. my bro is a well know DJ in mood and beat fm, so he gets to know alcho, athesits, gays, emos, punks and all kind of shity people that u do not wanna meet!

  11. hahah im not ganna waste my time writing on this but all i can say is one thing to you severus…soon and very soon you will be joining them but the only difference is you will be the one in hell..
    and yes i will be the one who does that to you


    1. thats soo nice from you majd afghani, at least i wont be alone, your mama is there with me 🙂
      and +its soo cleaver from you to use a false name (omar) when your email said Majd, ill tell you what i told the other kids
      3ammoo, bs te5ales madraseeh, bajelak 3ala naddi el sayyarat 🙂

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