Download Quake 3 Arena Mobile Multiplayer for Nokia S60 with Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse & Local Server support

So now you can play Quake 3 Arena during a class or a lecture or while waiting in an office 😀

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Quake 3 Arena has been ported to Nokia S60 3rd Edition and is now available for download for compatible S60 mobile phones. This new version has been designed to include support for external Bluetooth keyboard and mouse keeping in mind the difficulties that you may encounter while playing a multiplayer game online using your mobile phone’s keypad. Another feature includes the ability to start and run a local server from your mobile device for others to connect to.
Download Quake 3 Arena Multiplayer for Nokia S60 Mobile with Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse & Local Server support
Source: Symbian-Freak

Installation instructions for Quake III Arena for Nokia S60:

1. Install Quake 3 Arena on your PC from the original Quake 3 disk
2. Install the latest available update for Quake from here.
3. Locate the baseq3 folder in the game installation directory on the computer
4. Create “quake3? folder on the memory card/mass storage drive on the phone (using usb mass storage mode with PC)
5. Copy the baseq3 folder from the PC to the Quake3 folder. Leave only the files with .PK3 extension in the directory and delete everything else.

The directory/file structure should be like this on the mobile phone:

| | pak0.pk3
| | pak1.pk3
| | pak2.pk3
| | pak3.pk3
| | pak4.pk3
| | pak5.pk3
| | pak6.pk3
| | pak7.pk3
| | pak8.pk3

6. Install P.I.P.S v1.3 (or later) on the mobile device (pips_nokia_1_3_SS.sis)
7. Install Quake3 to the phone (q3a_v100_armv6_fpu_hwa.sisx)
8. If you want to use bluetooth mouse or keyboard in the game, install HIDsupport (hidsupp_v100.sisx)

You can visit the official homepage of the game here. For more details, read the complete installation and configuration FAQs here.

Download Quake III for S60 | Bluetooth HID | Symbian P.I.P.S

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