Changeling — movie review

Changeling the movie

Hello people,

I just came back form watching the 10:10 show of the movie Changeling starring Angelina Jolie.

The movie was really good, it deserve the A- user review yahoo gave it and the 8.2/10 the gave it.

The movie story is about a woman who lost her son, and the police found A son and claimed it was him, the mother says no, the police doesn’t want to be embarressed start discrediting her and then some allies come to help her, and then the story drifts for what actually happened to the son. this is a very short summary without spoiling anything.

First let me say i was surprised by Angelina’s very good acting. I didn’t expect that from her, in general i am not a big fan of her movie and i didn’t expect her to play a worrying mother very well. but she DID aced it here.

The movie has a taste for wide audience, the director is Clint Eastwood. The main themes of the movie were sad, angry and little happy. You see corrupt official, you see people against government, you see unjust to specific individual, you see heartbreaking story of missing son, you see some troubles the son had to go through, then it give you some hope.

The movie is done very nicely, you get easily sucked in and you feel with the mother. The way they tell the story is very nicely done, they don’t focus on one story and in the same time they give each story enough time and description, like the corrupt officials, it is one of the main stories, yet they don’t make it take all the movie, there is around 4 main stories of course related. that’s how the movie present different themes, because each story can be a full movie by its own.

I think this is what i wanted to say, i definitely recommend this movie to drama lovers or to good story lovers, NOT to action lovers.

The music is nicely done and in some scenes there was no music, but that actually fit perfectly
Angelina’s performance was great, and they didn’t focus on her beauty (some may consider this a con, not me though)
The story telling is nicely done, and the movie included several themes and presented them sufficiently

I can’t think of any right now

Keep in mind, this movie is great for its genre, not great movie of all times.

p.s: why i can’t put any image bigger than 800 X 600 pixels?

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2 thoughts on “Changeling — movie review

  1. i hate anything with Angelina in
    i cant take anything that “shalateef” “act” seriously
    her shalateeef really annoy me !!!

  2. Severus u hate her coz shes not redhead, shame on u !
    i like her because im an insecure individual and i feel better watching the infamous angelina jolie in action..true story im not mocking anyone !

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