Red Alert 3 (Game Review)

I have just finished the game! It is great, probably the best strategy game I played since Red Alert 2 =), it is great and I recommend it for all.


Red Alert 2 introduced the navel forces before, but to a limited extent, though it was the first game I played where you can build navel factory. In Red Alert 3 sea makes 40% of the game, you can even build your base in the sea, with only the barracks and the war factory for the allies and the soviet that can not be built in the sea.


Another thing I liked is the air forces; they are well introduced to the game and added another flavor, not to forget that many units are more of an assistant unit rather than a worrier unit.


The graphics are great and the sound tracks are greater, actually I loved the most the first soundtrack when you run the game, it is called soviet march, unbelievable great. I thought it was the Soviet Union anthem for the first time, but it makes you feel like “give me a war right now”. They made many remixes to Red Alert 2 soundtracks, and they are great, especially “Hell March 3” though it is not as good as “Hell March 2”.


The nice thing about the game is the duality of many of units, some can transport through water and grounds, some can switch between ground and air, others can use air and water, and I found only one unit that can use the three mediums. Some units can use only one of those mediums.


Many of the classical units had made it to RA3 too, but where a bit modified. Most notably for me was the allies spy. He is now a great threat; he can turn your units against you now for a low price.


The best thing is that this game has really become a strategy game. The well known strategy of build plenty of mirage and charge don’t work here. Each unit has a special ability or can switch between different modes.


Another thing I had in mind was that this game is the fruit of all the pervious command and conquer series, they used what was the best in all of the former games to come up with this one, the promotions from generals, the expansion vehicles from terbium wars and the classical Red Alert + things newly designed for this game alone.


One disappointing thing is the computer commander; he can sometimes finish the game for you while you are still setting there! Except for the last two missions of the rising sun where he was totally annihilated at the beginning of the game leaving me alone =)


I am looking forward to play it on-line or in a network game =)

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6 thoughts on “Red Alert 3 (Game Review)

  1. Dude u are missing out on the online experience. before the game was launched i was following its news so i got excited and order the original one, the best part is the co-op, u can play the campaign as two human players instead of computer co-commander, that was really awesome and of course i finished it while ago, but now i play online every now and then.

    I see you really liked the game but in the forums, most people were tend to be disappointed rather than happy. the naval thing and the co-op was the best two new things ever. but it had good amount of imbalances. the main one i see online is if you are the empire of the rising sun against allies, the allies can build their airfield BEFORE their ore refinery, and the empire of the rising sun DOES NOT has an infantry to attack air, and their first unit from the war factory to attack air is really weak and easily countered, MANY MANY MANY complain that an allies air rush is unstoppable for empire of the rising sun.

    other complaints were the graphics are too cartoony and to be honest that annoyed me a little bit, i prefer to have the old apocalypse. and all complain about the online setup, u didn’t have to try it, but it is really really really bad, they are patching it up every now and then, but still, long way for a good internet setup, it is not as close as good as bnet.

    and several people complaint about the girls and that yuriko, the special unit of the empire of the rising sun, doesn’t have an actress even though she is the most powerful one and some call it imbalanced (it can drop kirov by one hit or any other air unit)

    But i am glad u play it, at least there is someone i can play it with when i am home, and if you can, steal najeeb’s log in and play online with me 😀

  2. Actually I wanted to say that the game need some sort of balance, but this review is for the campaign so I do not know all of the imbalances in the game!

    btw all of us are playing the game even yanal! I finished it, tsotso do not wana play the rising sun, odin did finsh, yanal on the way, and haitham will soon join! actually yeasterday we went to dungon and played RA3 and dota! strange right?!!

  3. S3d, the thing about the commando of the rising sun! see is really strong but do not forget she is not a slut like natasha and tania so why show her? she remind of Yuri (Yuriko omega)!

    about the graphics, it is not something to complain about, they are more like a definition, liked it or not, it is there!

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