Download Quake 3 Arena Mobile Multiplayer for Nokia S60 with Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse & Local Server support

So now you can play Quake 3 Arena during a class or a lecture or while waiting in an office 😀

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Quake 3 Arena has been ported to Nokia S60 3rd Edition and is now available for download for compatible S60 mobile phones. This new version has been designed to include support for external Bluetooth keyboard and mouse keeping in mind the difficulties that you may encounter while playing a multiplayer game online using your mobile phone’s keypad. Another feature includes the ability to start and run a local server from your mobile device for others to connect to.
Download Quake 3 Arena Multiplayer for Nokia S60 Mobile with Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse & Local Server support
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Installation instructions for Quake III Arena for Nokia S60:

1. Install Quake 3 Arena on your PC from the original Quake 3 disk
2. Install the latest available update for Quake from here.
3. Locate the baseq3 folder in the game installation directory on the computer
4. Create “quake3? folder on the memory card/mass storage drive on the phone (using usb mass storage mode with PC)
5. Copy the baseq3 folder from the PC to the Quake3 folder. Leave only the files with .PK3 extension in the directory and delete everything else.

The directory/file structure should be like this on the mobile phone:

| | pak0.pk3
| | pak1.pk3
| | pak2.pk3
| | pak3.pk3
| | pak4.pk3
| | pak5.pk3
| | pak6.pk3
| | pak7.pk3
| | pak8.pk3

6. Install P.I.P.S v1.3 (or later) on the mobile device (pips_nokia_1_3_SS.sis)
7. Install Quake3 to the phone (q3a_v100_armv6_fpu_hwa.sisx)
8. If you want to use bluetooth mouse or keyboard in the game, install HIDsupport (hidsupp_v100.sisx)

You can visit the official homepage of the game here. For more details, read the complete installation and configuration FAQs here.

Download Quake III for S60 | Bluetooth HID | Symbian P.I.P.S

Changeling — movie review

Changeling the movie

Hello people,

I just came back form watching the 10:10 show of the movie Changeling starring Angelina Jolie.

The movie was really good, it deserve the A- user review yahoo gave it and the 8.2/10 the gave it.

The movie story is about a woman who lost her son, and the police found A son and claimed it was him, the mother says no, the police doesn’t want to be embarressed start discrediting her and then some allies come to help her, and then the story drifts for what actually happened to the son. this is a very short summary without spoiling anything.

First let me say i was surprised by Angelina’s very good acting. I didn’t expect that from her, in general i am not a big fan of her movie and i didn’t expect her to play a worrying mother very well. but she DID aced it here.

The movie has a taste for wide audience, the director is Clint Eastwood. The main themes of the movie were sad, angry and little happy. You see corrupt official, you see people against government, you see unjust to specific individual, you see heartbreaking story of missing son, you see some troubles the son had to go through, then it give you some hope.

The movie is done very nicely, you get easily sucked in and you feel with the mother. The way they tell the story is very nicely done, they don’t focus on one story and in the same time they give each story enough time and description, like the corrupt officials, it is one of the main stories, yet they don’t make it take all the movie, there is around 4 main stories of course related. that’s how the movie present different themes, because each story can be a full movie by its own.

I think this is what i wanted to say, i definitely recommend this movie to drama lovers or to good story lovers, NOT to action lovers.

The music is nicely done and in some scenes there was no music, but that actually fit perfectly
Angelina’s performance was great, and they didn’t focus on her beauty (some may consider this a con, not me though)
The story telling is nicely done, and the movie included several themes and presented them sufficiently

I can’t think of any right now

Keep in mind, this movie is great for its genre, not great movie of all times.

p.s: why i can’t put any image bigger than 800 X 600 pixels?

The IT Crowd S03E01 WS PDTV XviD-RiVER

The third series of the award-winning sitcom. IT Crowd continues the adventures of Roy Moss and Jen, who continue against the odds to be employed by Reynholm Industries as IT consultants.

From Hell
Douglas does his best to run Reynholm Industries into the ground, Jen has to deal with a builder from Hell, Roy loses 20 quid and Moss learns how to stand up to ruffians.

XviD – 640 x 352 @ 25fps – VBR MP3 Avg 128
Official SiteTV.comWikiIMDb


Streaming .AVI


Spice up your Gmail inbox with colors and themes

Gmail fans have been building unofficial extensions to spice up their inboxes for a while, but up til now themes haven’t been an integral part of Gmail. We wanted to go beyond simple color customization, so out of the 30 odd themes we’re launching today, there’s a shiny theme with chrome styling, another one that turns your inbox into a retro notepad, nature themes that change scenery over time, weather driven themes that can rain on your mailbox, and fun characters to keep you in good company. There’s even an old school ascii theme (Terminal) which was the result of a bet between two engineers — it’s not exactly practical, but it’s great for testing out your geek cred. We’ve also done a minor facelift to Gmail’s default look to make it crisper and cleaner — you might notice a few colors and pixels shifted around here and there.

To customize your inbox, go to the Themes tab under Settings

Red Alert 3 (Game Review)

I have just finished the game! It is great, probably the best strategy game I played since Red Alert 2 =), it is great and I recommend it for all.


Red Alert 2 introduced the navel forces before, but to a limited extent, though it was the first game I played where you can build navel factory. In Red Alert 3 sea makes 40% of the game, you can even build your base in the sea, with only the barracks and the war factory for the allies and the soviet that can not be built in the sea.


Another thing I liked is the air forces; they are well introduced to the game and added another flavor, not to forget that many units are more of an assistant unit rather than a worrier unit.


The graphics are great and the sound tracks are greater, actually I loved the most the first soundtrack when you run the game, it is called soviet march, unbelievable great. I thought it was the Soviet Union anthem for the first time, but it makes you feel like “give me a war right now”. They made many remixes to Red Alert 2 soundtracks, and they are great, especially “Hell March 3” though it is not as good as “Hell March 2”.


The nice thing about the game is the duality of many of units, some can transport through water and grounds, some can switch between ground and air, others can use air and water, and I found only one unit that can use the three mediums. Some units can use only one of those mediums.


Many of the classical units had made it to RA3 too, but where a bit modified. Most notably for me was the allies spy. He is now a great threat; he can turn your units against you now for a low price.


The best thing is that this game has really become a strategy game. The well known strategy of build plenty of mirage and charge don’t work here. Each unit has a special ability or can switch between different modes.


Another thing I had in mind was that this game is the fruit of all the pervious command and conquer series, they used what was the best in all of the former games to come up with this one, the promotions from generals, the expansion vehicles from terbium wars and the classical Red Alert + things newly designed for this game alone.


One disappointing thing is the computer commander; he can sometimes finish the game for you while you are still setting there! Except for the last two missions of the rising sun where he was totally annihilated at the beginning of the game leaving me alone =)


I am looking forward to play it on-line or in a network game =)

الاستثناءات للنخب تشجع المواطنين على اعتماد الوساطة للحصول على حقوقهم– taken from

اسوأ ما في الامتيازات غير القانونية التي تمنح للعاملين في العمل العام ليس الجانب المادي او ما يترتب عليها من هدر لموارد عامة او انها تأتي على حساب حقوق الآخرين فحسب، بل في كونها تؤسس لسلوك وثقافة تجعل من التجاوز على القانون ومبادئ العدالة والمساواة حقوقا مكتسبة يصعب التراجع عنها في المستقبل. وتنال من سمعة المؤسسات وتشجع المواطنين العاديين على تجاوز القانون والاعتماد على الوساطة، والسعي للحصول على الامتيازات اسوة »بعلية القوم«.

من يستطيع بعد الذي نراه يجري في تصاريح الحج مثلا ان يقنع الراغبين باداء هذه الفريضة ان الشروط لا تنطبق عليه وهو يرى المئات يحصلون على التصاريح من النواب والوزراء ودوائر رسمية اخرى بغير وجه حق.

وكيف لنا ان نقنع الناس بالشعارات التي ترفعها الدولة في مواسم الانتخابات النيابية بان النيابة خدمة عامة للشعب بينما تتحول بالممارسة الى وسيلة للحصول على امتيازات غير قانونية بدعم ورعاية رسمية.

كان حصول مسؤول ونائب في الماضي على امتياز خاص او »أعطية« يتم وسط تكتم شديد لشعور المسؤول بان ما يفعله ينطوي على مخالفة للقانون اما اليوم فان توزيع العطايا ومنح الامتيازات غير القانونية يجري في وضح النهار وتصدر فيها قرارات رسمية. فالوظائف توزع على النواب علنا ولا يخفي مجلس امانة عمان قراره بارسال اعضائه لاداء فريضة الحج باموال الأمانة.

وعندما تصبح الاستثناءات هي القاعدة لا يتردد نواب بالتهديد بسحب الثقة من احد الوزراء لرفضه اعفاءهم من رسوم تسجيل وترخيص سيارات حصلوا عليها باعفاء جمركي.

وفي اوساط النخب السياسية والاعلامية يسود اعتقاد لدى الكثيرين بان »العطايا« التي يحصلون عليها بين الفينة والأخرى هي حقوق ثابتة لهم لا يتوانون عن المطالبة بها او مناكفة الجهات المانحة اذا ما توقفت عن الدفع.

ان قاعدة الاستثناءات والامتيازات في الاردن تتسع على نحو غير مسبوق في تناقض صارخ مع الشعارات المرفوعة عن دولة القانون والمؤسسات.

ويلقي هذا السلوك بظلال قاتمة على علاقة الدولة بالمجتمع خاصة الفئات الفقيرة والمتوسطة التي تزداد قناعة بان لا وسيلة غير الوساطة للحصول على الحقوق. كما يتكرس شعور لدى قطاعات واسعة من الناس بان الوظيفة العامة ما هي إلا محطة للثراء والارتزاق. ولهذا لا نعجب عندما نلاحظ تردي قيم واخلاقيات الوظيفة وانتشار ظاهرة الرشوة او ما يسمى بفساد الصغير ما دام فساد الكبار لا يجد من يردعه.

عن العرب اليوم.