6 thoughts on “QR Coding

  1. Go search for QR coding and tell me what the heck do u think? I can not say much! I have just discovered this technology!

    to make it easier, go search for a mobile program that fits ur mobile that will scan the code and tell u what is written!

    BTW, do not be afraid my mobile is 6630 and it worked on it, all u need is a camera in ur mobile! So long!

  2. does it contain girls posing with guns ? if not im not interested! 😛
    i’ll check the QR coding thing after im done loading the Elune party pics, they are HUGE.

  3. it took me a while to find an online program or site4 to decode, it was easy to find programs to ENcode qr coding.

    i will not put the link of the website till i get the approval of yuri, since the message embedded in it prevents me of posting such things

    It is really interesting coding system, i was annoyed that wikipedia and the sites i found about it, talked about its characterization, but none talked of how to do it manually, i was hoping that i decode it myself rather than use a program which i don’t know what does it actually do

  4. Yea u should not say =)

    But it is awesome! Did u see how many things u can do with it???! They did not say how to create it because actually is a patented technology for the same company that came up with Bar coding system u can find on at supermarkets!!!

    Try reverse engineering, although I think the program is well protected against cracking!

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