Elunes Birthday

So Last week We had a small party for Elune

Enjoy the Pics

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Pics By XZeeR

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5 thoughts on “Elunes Birthday

  1. pics by xzeer not showing :(, all of these were taking by u SeverO!.
    anyway habby birthday elune and its a shame the barbie hat was ninjad by ur lil sis from the start, ur loss

  2. dude wtf was that shit ? a BD without me ! OMFG ! FU all assholes ! i want some cake and where is all the nudity ?? huh ! wut happened u need to gay out more ! u know kiss kiss ? and shit ?
    so wut now ur legal to fuck and shit 😛 so its not fun anymore ! no thrill , now ur just shit 😛 a 5$ hooker !

    anyways salamz from the states ! 😛


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