My disappointement from EA: Red Alert 3

Ok, before u kill me, i still haven’t seen the game. The disappointment came from the following picture.

Yesterday, a representative from EA came to the university for recruiting/presentation. I attended and it was useful, of course it proved to me that I can’t work there, since I am a hardware not a software guy. Anyway there was free pizza and things were nice. at the end they made a raffle (sa7beh) and of course i won nothing ( i am not lucky in that). but they gave everyone a poster for Red Alert 3 which should come out in a week or two.

Here is the poster
Red Alert 3 poster

The weird thing, i wasn’t able to find the poster online, so I took a picture of it myself, that’s why not that clear. But I am offended that a real time strategy game with Apocalypse and Mirage tanks has a poster like this. It is like a playboy poster, not a war game. I really was excited for a nice poster to hang in my room, now I can’t. It make us look like girls deprived geeks (i don’t care whether this is true or not, I don’t want a poster to portray it). I am offended, I hope EA focus on the game more than stupid attractions like this.

I just hope that the game itself is not heavily loaded with similar posters and cutscenes. I am truly offended.

what you think?

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14 thoughts on “My disappointement from EA: Red Alert 3

  1. Yea! I really find it very offending, but I saw it coming, but to be honest not that way!

    I saw the game like 1 year ago, and one of the things I noticed at the site was the the girls with the rifles! I mean why they always portrait women in war as sluts?

    This attitude kind of reminds me of the Israeli army and intelligence agency. They frequently take photos of the sexiest female soldiers and officers and publish them in US magazines. Donno what they are up too, but this is not a way to make your army look better (though it will work with stupid guys).

  2. speaking on behalf of all the stupid guys out there i say i really like the poster! and since i dont like Red alert series i dont really care what they do to the game. and plus this is a marketing scheme not developing/designing, so pretty good chance the game itself wont be affected by that except for some cutscenes.which isnt that bad 🙂

  3. I was looking at red alert 3 which seems cool, THEY HAVE SOVIET BEARS instead of attack dogs, they even released a game between developers with comments, seems fun.

    anyway looking through the videos, i found out they gonna focus on girls, and the funny thing, the soviet girl, the one on the right is a Mau Thai fighter, here is some video with some moments of her fighting.

    much different in boxing ring or UFC ring than in the poster.

    by the way, i am seriously thinking of sending an email to EA voicing my disappointment, i am just contemplating whether i wanna wait till i see the game or before

  4. sa3d there should be a forum already up maintained by EA about red alert 3 , i havent searched myself but every game in development gets a forum or atleast a developer blog.
    u can search for that and voice ur opinion there, but if its as u said alot of girls involved i dont think it will work ; the customer’s feedback can change minor things or atleast tweak it, not change the whole theme of the game.
    so sit back and enjoy the girls with guns thing!

  5. i just saw that youtube fight video, what the hell o0 ? why would they let a thin petite girl -the asian- fight that girl ? she destroyed her !.

  6. I joined their forum and posted my comment. wow they responded so fast, i post it lik 30 minutes ago, 8 replies already there.

    some said it is a light game so it is ok to be girlish

    other said that i haven’t seen the other cool trailers which has no girls (pretty cool trailers indeed)

    some agreed with me

    another thing, there was another post asking “Are you more likely to buy a game if there is a girl’s cleavage on the box” many many many said yes. very few said no

    here is the link to the post i made

    here is the one about the cleavage

  7. I did something wild, i pre-ordered red alert 3. i will justify myself later, but apparently there is a co-op mode. Najeeb i think might buy it, if he did we can co-op

  8. I read your post, I’m sorry but I disagree with your argument sir.. Beautiful women is a great thing to see, especially in posters… Do you think I want to see some ugly chick in the game? No. Putting hot chicks in the game and making them “slutty” is a way to get some guys to buy the game, especially if they are a fan of Jenny McCarthy, all the other RA fans will still buy this game regardless. So I say to you sir, please refrain from flaming EA for portraying really beautiful and gifted women as “sluts”, I think they are quite gorgeous and make the game a little more realistic, they look so good that I don’t mind them being there.

  9. ^^^^^^^^

    Whats so realistic about women in skimpy outfits doing battle?

    We dont care if theres beautiful women or not… but EA seems to be using the “Sex Sells” method… which is the annoying part for most people. Instead of trying to sell a wargame… they seem to have focused to much on “hey…we got hot women in the game”

    C&C was always about war, and adding this type of attention makes this game less gritty and war like…

    Look at the cover of the game!… a a skimpy outfitted woman, with a rifle… EA fails at making games, so they resort to attractive women, with cleavage advertised everywhere. nuff said…

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