Game review: Oveclocked- history of violence

This is a personal review from me (Saad Arrabi) for the game, not taken from other reviews


Name: Overclocked- history of violence
Company: light house, anaconda and another one but not really important
Genre: Adventure, puzzles
Input: mouse (point and click)
Plot summary: You play as a psychiatrist who tries to reconstruct the memories of 5 patients. You play as them when they r remembering. Soon enough u discover that all 5 patients are linked and u develop a story of your own as well.

The game is really nice, the graphics are great, and there are many small cutscenes which make the game more interesting. The music of the game is like the one in horror movies. Most of the events happen in shady places. Even the patients are in a very very old almost deserted shady hospital. The two workers there are complete psychos. The weather is rainy throughout the game (the worst storm to hit NY as they call it) But the game is trying to have “shady and suspicious” as the theme, and they succeed.

I loved the game, the most thing i loved in the game is the storyline, it really sucks you in. I played the demo first, liked it then actually BOUGHT the game and played it almost non stop to finish it in 3 or 4 days. The game is not long at all, nor it is hard, u get enough clues for everything so you don’t get stuck. but really, the story and the music makes the game worth it.

Summary of the review:
The graphics are very great
Cutscenes really detailed and frequent enough
Story line is amazing
They don’t leave you clueless not knowing what you have to do next
Music is really fitting to the theme

Little bit too easy
Somehow short
The graphics are great, but the relative positioning of object while moving is not aligned correctly
They left several small things not resolved at the end.

I would recommend this game to any adventure, puzzle lovers.

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